Seeing three black crows


seeing three black crows

Started by Agent Seeing. ScullyMay 22, Posted May 22, In the area where I live, it is very uncommon to hear a whipporwhill. When my dad was young, he heard one calling at night. The next day his grandmother suffered a fatal heart attack. Years later when he was 14 he heard one and his Dad passed away. Crows more, when he was 16 he heard one on his way to a school dance and when he got their he found out one of his friends had been killed by a drunk driver.

My grandmother says she heard one when her mother died, and another when her brother passed. Both of them say they never heard one other than those incidents, and both say they never want to here them again. I also hear countless incidents where birds flying into a house or hitting a wondow on a house means a death in the family. A few months ago, a big black stray dog used to sit in our yard around midnight and just howl, directly below my grandmother's window. Later, I found out she had gotten her will straightened out, cleaned her closets, and decided what she would be burried in.

She was certain it meant her death. She's still with us now. So do you have any experiences like my familie's with the whipporwhill? Do you have any superstitions regarding death? Well my family say when a baby owl comes at night to visit you by door or in your garden, he will deliver news of death to a person you know.

You must insult him to make him go away. I experienced it by my self, a baby owl sat in front of my window and 2 days later my childhood friend who was 8th months pregnant of boy died in a car crash. So I'm not expecting for anyone els to believe it but it's something of the many superstitions in our culture I've never seen a baby owl out here, maybe I should be glad of that. I think it's usually black birds, but I've heard it applied to out of season birds too. Posted May 23, I do believe in omens, but anything superstitious three allowing a black cat to cross my path won't concern me.

Posted May 25, Posted May 26, I had a bird fly into my window once. Poor thing knocked itself out. We thought it was dead so we went to get rid of it. Surprised as hell when it hopped up and started flapping. Yesterday, the weirdest thing happened. I was sitting in the kitchen when I heard distinct whispering in my ear. Strange and scary for sure. Posted June 1, edited. Call me a skeptic, but I think your dad heard whipporwills more than 4 times in his life, how else would he knowwhat one sounds like?

You're grandmother only heard two in her life, yet knew what the sound was? Posted June 4, edited. I have Native American friends black believe that an owl outside your home is a sign of an impending death.

They don't like the birds, but don't bother them. But then, cultures around the world have always associated something nefarious with owls. Myself, I like them. I live in the remote desert of northwestern Utah.

There are a few Great Horned Owls around here, and they often perch in the big tree outside my place at night. My cats are unbothered by them. Any owl trying to pick up one of MY cats would get a hernia, so fat are they. I'm sure crows owls see the cats as too big to bother with, so they eat the native rodents, which is a good thing. I love hearing owls hoot at night.

Great Horned Owls can be quite crows, and they seem forceful in their hoots as if to say, "Hey! This is MY tree tonight and the rest of you stay away! Yep, they're a rather territorial bird. Their eyes glow when hit with a flashlight, and that's about the only way you can find them in trees at night.

They sit very still and are hard to spot in all the branches and leaves. I don't believe that owls foretell a death any more than walking under a ladder suddenly changes your fate. People ascribe far too much authority to ancient "wisdom" and customs. Posted June 5, A bird in the house especially a crow or hitting the window. The European equivalent the Night-jar or Jenny-spinner has a similar reputation. Except they're not considered an omen of death exactly. They are said to be able to detect a departing soul and steal it.

Country folk know them as 'Lytch-fowl' - named after the Lytch-gatethe covered gateway to ancient English churchyards where the coffin rested momentarily for prayers before proceeding into the church. The bird was thought to hide in the rafters awaiting the coffin. Posted June 9, Posted June 10, The Celts believed that Crow was an omen of death and conflict. She was associated with death transitions. Another belief was that the birds were faeries who shape-shifted to cause troubles.

Magickal qualities included bringing knowledge, shape-shifting, eloquence, prophecy, boldness, skill, knowledge, cunning, trickery and thievery.

In most of England, seeing a solitary crow meant anger, but in Northamptonshire, it meant ill fortune. Crow, cawing in a hoarse voice, meant bad weather. A death omen was a crow cawing thrice as it flew over three house. The Irish believed that Crow flocking in trees, but not nesting were souls from Purgatory. Finding a dead crow was a sign of good fortune.

Russians believed that witches took seeing shape of Crow. Posted June 12, edited. In Arlie Castle in Scotland the harbinger of doom takes the form of a ram that walks around the gardens prior to disaster. A drumming sound is also reported to herald a death in the family. At Arundel Castle in Sussex a ghostly small white bird is seen fluttering around the windows of the castle before the death of a resident of the castle and its appearance is regarded as an omen that tragedy will strike someone connected to the castle.

At Brodick Castle on the Isle of Arran in Scotland a White Deer is seen in the grounds black the castle whenever a chief of the Hamilton clan is close to death. The white deer appeared twice in the twentieth century, both times coinciding with the death of the head of the Hamilton Family.

At Cardiff Castle in Wales a horse drawn coach is heard when a member of the Hastings family is about to die at the castle. It was last heard by John Boyle, the night his cousin the Marquis of Hastings died. At Leeds Castle in Kent, prior to a death or grave misfortune the shuck a black dog apprears.

This shuck is an ill omen only for those living at the castle. At Noltland Castle on the Orkney Isles in Scotland forthcoming deaths at the castle are announced by the howls of a large black dog. At Nottingham Castle in Nottingham the gallery is haunted by the ghost of the Countess of Nottingham. She appears to people who will die within a year. At Old Wardour Castle in Wardour, Wiltshire, the Arundell family are haunted by ghostly white owls, which appear prior to a death in the family.

At Castle Stalker overlooking Loch Linnhe three Argyll, an orb of brilliant light hovers over the castle prior to a death of a Stewart chieftain. At Warwick Castle in Warwick the phantom 'Dun Cow of Warwick' appears at the castle a few weeks before a death in the family. At Cortachy Castle in Kirriemuir, Angus, caught having an affair with the wife of the castle's owner, a drummer was placed in his own drum and rolled out from a tower.

On the verge of dying he cursed all future generations who would live at the castle. His ghostly drum can be heard beating before a death in the family. At mighty Caerphilly Castle at Caerphilly, Wales the de Clare family were haunted by a Gwrach y Rhibyn Welsh for "Witch of Rhibynwarning them of an imminent death in the family. Since they moved away, the ghost is seen - drifting towards the castle. It disappears once it reaches the ruins. Posted June 13, Death on others and joy for me?

Might be so, I only believe in luck though and nothing else. Seeing death before it happens is most unlikely. This happened a few years ago. I was in my living room when I heard thumping at the front door. When I opened it I noticed a very large moth that landed on the door; biggest one I had ever seen.

I think it was nearly the size of my hand. I picked it up and took it to my sister's just next door to show her and then put it on a tree trunk. But no death occured. Posted June 18, Maybe It has something to do with quantum intangalation?

Posted June 19, Wow I never knew about that. My aunt passed away Last Sunday, we got the phone call from black family members there to go see her, at 5 in the morning. A magpie flew into the car and died as were driving there. By the time we got to the hospital she was already dead. I'm sure it was just a coincidence but it makes you think. Posted June 20, Posted July 10, I am relieved to find conversation on this subject. My bird omens started at age Birds would fly into my windshield and something bad would follow in the next few days.

Now they come in different ways depending on either the severity of the incident or more importantly how greatly I may be personally affected. In the case of death, a bird will make its presence known over usually week period, two or three times. I also have begun to notice that their presence may be peaceful or not, and close or far. For example when my grandmother and when my grandfather passed separate years they even came into my dreams. It is not easy to find anyone to talk to about this without sounding crazy, but the first time I ever did was when I got a phone call from my Mother saying a bird must have came into her house through the chimney and she was having difficulty getting it out of her house.

Within a month her roommate was found to be terminally ill. Now I have a daughter and she has a white wolf that comes into her room when she is sleeping when someone is going to pass! When she was younger I just thought she was having a bad dream, but she would be very insistent that it was there.

Then I began to notice a pattern with her too? You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. Sign up for a new account in our community. Unexplained Mysteries uses cookies. By using the site you consent to our use of cookies as per our Cookie Policy. All Content All Content This Topic This Forum Advanced Search. All Activity Board Index Unexplained Mysteries Urban Legends Death Omens.

Death Omens Started by Agent D. West Virginia "O monstrous! Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. People around here believe that when a big black moth enters your home, it is an omen of death. Also when an owl lingers by your window at night, that someone has cursed you. Edited June 4, by Gatofeo. My family doesn't follow any death omens, sorry.

There are many places in this Spectred Isle of ours which have their harbingers of doom. Arlie Castle In Arlie Castle in Scotland the harbinger of doom takes the form of a ram that walks around the gardens prior to disaster. Leeds Castle At Seeing Castle in Kent, prior to a death or grave misfortune the shuck a black dog apprears.

Castle Stalker At Castle Stalker overlooking Loch Linnhe in Argyll, an orb of brilliant light hovers over the castle prior to a death of a Stewart chieftain. Caerphilly Castle At mighty Caerphilly Castle at Caerphilly, Wales the de Clare family were haunted by a Gwrach y Rhibyn Welsh for "Witch of Rhibynwarning them of an imminent death in the family. Gwrach y Rhibyn http: Each time I see black birds, lots of them, I always win something.

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seeing three black crows

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