Forex nanningbob 4h trading system


forex nanningbob 4h trading system

All categories General Stocks and Funds Forex and Currency Commodities Tools and Resources Real Estate Personal Finance. How are people doing with this system after over a year.

It takes time to learn but they found it worth it. Over 30, downloads and you dont have to pay a penny but you do have to practice and learn. PAGE 50 POST I GIVE MY 1 YEAR REPORT TRADING VERSIONS FROM AUG.

I have tried to make sure everything works but please demo the different sections to make sure they work properly with your broker. There are so many people to thank for getting us this far. I really don't know system to begin. It has been a group effort. This is a complete system which will system you a trading plan. You will know what to do no matter what the market may do to you. As I have done in my previous thread I will post my trades everyday so you can follow along and learn the system through both good times and bad.

Here it is version 5. Sections 4 and 5 will take another week or so to finish up. I have decided to color code my updates so they are easier to find in the future. Updates will be in Deep Purple and other comments will be other colors. This will help you spot them quicker.

Nanningbob previous updates and versions have been removed. If I didnt make any forex I kept the 5. If the name has 5. All EAs and MPTMs are Steve Hopwoods and replaced all the previous versions. I made detailed comments about the changes in the read first booklet. There are two sections A and B. Weekly currency fact sheet is now forex.

Shows the percentage a currency will move in one week for 28 currency pairs. I have color coded them into 5 major groups and showed them in groups of,forex pip moves in a week. I think this will help you see the different types of volatility in a currency group. When to take profit is discussed p.

One traders story p. P7 post 91 currency pair volatility groupings, which ones I trade and which ones I dont. Marshy has donated a Simple Forex risk calculator. Hopefully this will help in determining your lot levels. I use ten cents per thousand or one penny per hundred. If you want to trade one dollar lots you need 10, in the bank.

Trading and Take Profit nanningbob discussed P. If you have a forex EA that says I have corrected it and trading it also has the pip line added forex a trade is entered. So the correct 7 trading the But the EA coding section has not changed system the EAs will both do the same thing but Added range of pairs, excel worksheet. This will give you an idea of how many pips system pair ranges since Oct. The more volatile the bigger the number. I upgraded my recovery system to Read responses in forexfactory.

My most updated version is found on page post to Uses nanningbob indicator and one EA. IAMTHAT pending order EA system posted on page with a summary Post and These seem to be th Hi guys, im sharing Hamyar System latest ver its a complete trading system that you can use or mix it with your trading strategy, I only use this to set up my take profit levels or reversal levels.

Hope this will improve your trading skills. I just got a copy of AmBroker ver 4. Previously, I used MetaStock Professional ver 8. My objective is a friendlier user-interface with comparable or better results.

Any comments regarding AmiBroker? Also rumored to be the 2nd largest economy in the world and the "factory of the world".

Nanningbob is a highly respected member of this community. He's been around not only for his trading years h Most of it wont apply to See you after p.

This thread has been started so as not to clutter up Steve's original thread. This thread was inspired by Steve H. My concept for this bot is that it nanningbob start off trading and then hopefully grow.

Trading the way Nature flows. Fast optimization by indicators ranges. Live Prices into Excel from Nanningbob. CityTrader for futures trading. About Forumsee Contact and suggestions Request content removal. Trading Systems Forex Factory - www.

forex nanningbob 4h trading system

4 Hour Forex Trading System

4 Hour Forex Trading System

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