Forex king reviews


forex king reviews

I have just begun FX trading I thought the company was promising Then I had a major "slippage issue" in a profitable trade If you d like to call it that was triggered 15 pips below limit I'm very skeptical of all brokers I sought to withdraw funds two weeks ago still haven't received it. Their informationals or official website still does not mention this. Transferred from MB trading. I never knew how good I had it. This is a bucket shop. Reviews luck trading with a limit order.

They will double the spread on you. Of course they advertise great spreads, but when it comes time for execution, look out.

They will liquidate your positions before even getting close to margin call. They reviews a FIFO rule that makes any profitable trading strategy impossible. Order execution is terrible and lags in the Forex platform. Typical scamming market maker. Do notI repeat, do NOT go with these guys. I use Meta trader. Not as good as MB or IBFX unfortunately both are out of FOREX business. Don't like "first in first out rule". However not a serious problem for my trading style. Chart price different from market, about one pip difference.

Market order can sometimes be very slow even up to ONE MINUTE. Very stingy at execution for limit orders, if the market is fast and goes beyond reviews one micro-pip it does not execute, what an irritating system. But spread is good, two pips for GBP-USD pair, but not sure what happens during news, as I don't trade news.

My acct was transferred from MB Trading. I traded manually for about two months. Spreads are high compared to MB trading and other brokers especially on exotic pairs. Trade execution time is terrible. Sometimes it takes up to one minute 60 seconds even for market orders.

Prices on charts does not match actual trading prices MT4 platform. My FX acct was transferred to TradeKing from MB trading. Im really hating the FIFO first in first out restrictions they have when you want to sell a position that had multiple entries. What this means is you have to sell your most profitable position first before you sell out the ones you added on as the trend got going.

King designed to help you get out of your winning trades sooner. Yeah thanks for the help The place looks like a "bucket shop" brokers that take the other side of your trades to me.

I will be getting out. I just wanted to let people know. I was with MBtrading which shipped their forex clients to TradeKing. TradeKing is connected to Gain Capital which I am not wild about. However I decided to give them a chance. I will update my review as new experiences both good or bad happen. So far I have no complaints. As I king transferred from one broker to another due to a "sell-off" of the forex division, I cannot comment on the application or deposit process.

I have taken several trades which has worked per normal. After being on MBtrading's commission plan I am not used to forex what appears to be larger spreads though probably industry standard for spread accounts.

At this point everything seems to be normal. I have demo'd for six months, live for a month. I admit I failed my rules. The volatility at times was a widow maker in the beginning of june Over all good platform for over 20K startup. I am using their Demo account. Chart is not good as metatrader4. I cannot change pip. Unbiased Forex Broker Experts. Review and Ratings Forex Brokers TradeKing. Live Discussion Video 0 Court 13 Widgets More Live discussion Join live discussion of TradeKing.

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