Finviz forex screener


finviz forex screener

July 13, by JB Marwood. So far I have screener more than happy with that decision. Finviz has been one of my favourite trading tools for some time. Finviz Elite offers the same powerful functionality with added finviz features.

It allows me to save screens as presets, load them up at any time of the day and quickly eyeball useful trade setups. It saves time and serves as a great way to find trade ideas. You can screen and rank on a huge number of filters and also export the data into Excel which opens up all sorts of possibilities as well. Although I mostly signed up for the live data and the screener, the Finviz backtesting feature adds a lot of additional value.

As an example, I created the following strategy based on the Money Flow Index indicator. The whole process took just a couple of minutes. This suggests the stock is oversold. You can also add in stop losses here but for this example no stops are finviz.

You can read more about it here. As you can see, the money flow index system has performed extremely well since so this might be an finviz that is worth exploring further. I can now run some very quick screener tests and if I find something useful I can take it into Amibroker and forex it further there.

What are you thoughts on the Finviz backtester? What strategies would you like to test out? Just enter your email address below to download all.

Unsubscribe at any time. At the moment you can only backtest on US stocks so no bonds, futures or ETFs. The backtester is good for testing simple ideas using technical indicators. If you are interested in ETFs,one forex option is ETFreplay. Also, take a look at Quantpicker. Subscribe to screener mailing list.

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FinViz Pattern Screen to Buy The Dip

FinViz Pattern Screen to Buy The Dip finviz forex screener

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