Best robot trader forex


best robot trader forex

Watch the Market tutorial videos on YouTube. Run your EA on virtual hosting. How to present a robot for a sell-through. MetaTrader Market - trading robots and technical indicators for traders are available right in your trading terminal. You can deposit and withdraw money using WebMoney, PayPal, ePayments or a bank card. Veno EA is a safe and fully automated medium-term trading robot. The EA does NOT use hedging, martingale, grid strategies, arbitration, etc.

Veno Expert System automatically analyzes the appearance of participants with distinct preference towards buying or selling on the market.

Trades are conducted on strong forex and news based movements. The robot automatically analyzes the market volumes and volatility and follows strong supply and demand movements. It smoothly sets breakeven levels and. Razor scalper is a fully automated scalping Expert Advisor based on price level breakthroughs. The EA does not use indicators. Each entry point is calculated using an advanced entry filter based on price chart movement analysis.

All trading positions are controlled by a tight hidden stop order allowing you to minimize a drawdown and protect the deposit. A profit is fixed by the dynamic robot algorithm allowing the EA to take a maximum profit. The EA allows selecting either a fixed trading lot. SFE Price Action is an Expert Advisor with a great diversification of operations and different systems working in 15 pairs and 4 timeframes. This increases the chances of sustained growth and reduces exposure to a single pair or individual operations.

The risk is very controlled. Based on own price action rules, no hedge, martingale, grid or any other type of dangerous practices are used, such as not closing failed operations. You do not need any knowledge, the configuration is very easy and y.

Using the legendary BBSO range trading module and a Trend module, a Breakout Module, and a Volatility module, this Scalper generates a lot of quick trades in and out using the strongest point of BBSO and its modules the ENTRY. Self Optimizes in seconds ANY Pair on any time frame. No special CPU needs or fast internet connections or set files or strategies or complicated parameters.

Adapts to your broker Using the Black box logic please read my. Designed for trading the major currency pairs. The Expert Advisor opens deals after a preliminary analysis of a set of factors affecting the market situation on different timeframes. It uses fixed stop loss and take profit levels considering the dynamics of the current quotes. The lot size is calculated automatically, trading is performed using dynamically placed pending orders and smart trailing. Parameters MAGIC - unique ID to use the EA along with other EAs COMMENT - comment to tra.

This robot evaluates the market situation with five indicators and candle formations. Performs a backward analysis according to which it adjusts the setting of indicators for the next period.

In the event of unfavorable development, it opens next trade at a better price when a new input signal. The first trade is managed according to the set functions. More open trades will be closed together in the All TP profit.

The default settings is for EURUSD-M30 but achieves excellent results also on othe. The combined system includes four strategies. The first two strategies use pending orders at the breakout. The remaining two strategies trader strictly by market.

This system is sometimes sold online at a price which is higher than USD. Periodically, sales of this robot are closed to prevent its excessive proliferation, trader as a consequence of that the adaptation of the market to this trading system.

Buy the robot now at a price more than three times cheaper, later you will not be able to. No manual configuration or adjustment needed!

Every trade is protected by stop loss. This Expert Advisor only trades for a short time frame at night, during the ending of the New York session. It uses low volatility moments in EURUSD and enters trades based on indicators. It then manages those trades with dynamic stop losses and take profits also based on indicators. A safety mode further reduces possible losses based on Bollinger Bands.

Please find a signal for this e. Premium version of the Loss Recovery Trader EA with a significant number of additions. Enter a value between 0 to This value determines how strong the Trend score should be at least in order for a trade to be placed. Enter a value between to 0. This value determines how strong the Extreme score should be at least in order for a trade to be placed. Negative value is to be plac. PeregrimEA is a unique and fully automated Expert Advisor based on scalping best the end of the American and start of Pacific trading sessions when major market players close their positions and a short-term trend reversal occurs.

PeregrimEA features a set of unique filters based both on technical indicators and price behavior factors. Unlike other EAs, PeregrimEA: Belkaglazer is a fully automated all-around Expert Advisor for creating diversified trading strategies.

The EA is based on 3 generalized models: The models have a transparent logic. The EA has a modular trader The models can be used in combination with the following strategies: Works with Instant and Market execution. The AIR MECHANIC is a software product of the "INTEGRAL" project, which implements convenient features to perform portfolio scalping with the ability to widely diversify trading risks. Forex AIR MECHANIC trades one deal at a time, always uses SL that protects the trader's trade account, and never uses dangerous methods of money management, such as martingale, hedging and grid techniques.

The main idea of the EA is to provide the user with wide capabilities to compare and manage trading portfolio. The Sirius EA is a continuation of the Symbi EA - the result of combining several trading strategies with a complex mathematical model: Trading is fully automated. This Expert Advisor is intended for trading EURUSD M5. A small number of settings makes Sirius understandable even for inexperienced traders.

Parameters EAMagic - EA's magic forex. I have been developing, testing and correcting this automated scalping system for a long time: The most stable results have been achieved on currency pairs with Swiss Franc, which means higher profitability and lower drawdown as compared to other symbols. Highlights to pay attention to 1.

Breakout of the trend lines and significant price levels indicates the appearance of participants with distinct preference towards buying or selling on the market. At such moments, the breakout strategies generate a trade signal and help in entering the market in the direction of large volumes. And then a part of the new trend's profit can be certainly taken. These are the standard trading systems tested by trading on any instruments over dozens of years.

The main idea if the price has been in. The Expert Advisor principle is based on the author's algorithms for calculating the volume for each position with the dynamic orders grid and the Martingale principle.

The EA opens order using an intelligent system of settlements both by trend and by correction, which makes it possible to earn on the market movements in both directions. It uses several order grids and volume increase for each grid, which allows comfortable trading without overloading the deposit. An important option of the BST. The fully automated Rebel EA does not use high-risk strategies. Deals are opened and closed during strong price movements. Trailing stop is used for protecting the deposit.

Trading can be performed with a fixed lot or autolot. The EA features the ability to select the trading time. Deals last a few minutes, which allows using the Rebel EA along with other experts. The standard settings are suitable for trading EURUSD. With different settings, the EA can be used on GBPUSD, XAUUSD and other curren. The EA can work on 10 currency pairs simultaneously. Parameters Symbols - the number of active pairs, from 1 to 10 as a drop-down list: The product is a free version of the Expert Advisor having the same name.

Unlike the full version, the current one trades only a fixed lot with minimum volumes. The EA applies the unique trading algorithm based on a price movement to analyze the market status. TakeProfit and StopLoss values can be set manually or automatically by the EA. Positions are closed by a profit, time or after reaching TakeProfit or StopLoss level.

The EA uses neither martingale, nor hedging and needs no complex setup. Gegatrade Pro EA is a Cost Averaging System with a Sophisticated Algorithm. This expert trades on price action. It does not use signals from indicators but creates a statistics-based custom channel for entry and exit of trades.

Due to independence of indicators, the expert can be optimized for several currency pairs and trading times. Each trade position is protected by stop-loss, both hidden and visible. No martingale, No hedging, No grid. Filters prevent or minimize potential losses in case of sudden price spikes. The expert uses three different strategies. The EA consists of multiple virtual Prototype-1 robots up to strategies depending on the currency pair.

Each strategy has different settings. Once the lot sizes for all strategies are calculated, the EA obtains the resulting trading lot. The operation principle is trading within a corridor. When leaving the corridor, the EA closes the positions and saves them for opening in the future. The best condition for trading is a flat, the worst condition is a long trend without rollbacks. This trading robot opens and closes positions based on the borders of a dynamic channel.

It has the option to close positions by take profit and stop loss. When price moves against the position, the EA is averaged; when an opposite signal appears if the order basket is in profit, then the EA closes robot if the basket is in loss, the robot opens opposite orders.

It is recommended to manage the EA settings straight from the chart. It is not recommended to use the EA on the days of major news releas. True Scalper EA is a fully automated scalping Expert Advisor. It uses a unique trading algorithm based on the price movement for analyzing the market conditions.

The TakeProfit and StopLoss values can be set manually, or automatically set by the EA. You can select 4 standard MAs available in MetaTrader 4 - SMA, EMA, SMMA and LWMA, as well as 8 non-standard ones - DEMA, TEMA, Frama, VIDYA, AMA, TRIX, LRMA and HMA. General Parameters Method MA - select the type of moving average to be displayed in the current chart.

Period MA - the number of bars to calculate the MA. Width bands - the width of the. The EA consists of virtual Prototype-4 EAs with different settings that have been acquired in the period from to with positive results.

The outcome of these calculations is the resulting lot. It is possible to set the lot size to start opening positions, the step and the maximum number of opened lo. You need a good NDD Broker and a fast VPS to use this EA! If you want to use this EA, your VPS needs a fast connection to your ECN Broker. EA Voyager is an automatic scalping system designed for day and night trading during: European, American, Pacific and Asian sessions.

It uses a flexible algorithm of money management selectable by user: Trading a single deal Trading using averaging Trading using exponential increase of the lotMonitoring of the EA Voyager effectiveness: SAAD Scalper is fully automated EA and handles two strategies at same time with its unique style to make most of trades profitable. The EA scalps pips by its strong Entry strategy.

Trades that are not successful to scalp are handled in a different and unique way of martingale. It includes two options to deal with open trades. Pending Order Martingale It helps to reduce Draw Down Market Order MartingaleIt works on multiple currency pairs simultaneously and best results found for EURUSD, GB.

A High Frequency Trading System, which trades when the market is at very high volatility. It uses several unique indicators to detective the price fluctuation in very short terms, open an order when a breakthrough takes place, and capture several pips instantly within a few seconds. Every pending order has a inherent stoploss, best every existed order has a trailing stop to preserve the capital. CAP Zone Recovery EA is your tool to turn losing trades into winning trades by using a smart "back-and-forth" hedging mechanism.

The secret behind this amazing EA is a famous trading algorithm known as "Zone recovery algorithm" or "The Trader Forex Hedging Strategy". MT4 Version here MT5 version here Input Parameters RECOVERY ZONE SETTING Hedge Order Type: Order type for hedge order. You can select Pending order or Instant Order. The Expert Advisor finds price consolidation zones. When the price leaves this zone, it opens a position.

It the position fails to be closed by a take profit and there was a crossing of the consolidation zone best the opposite side, the EA will open a locking position with an increased volume. Real operation monitoring as well as my other products can be found here: This trading system does not use any indicators.

The EA starts operation opening two differently directed orders. After one of them is closed by Take Profit, two differently directed orders are opened again and their lot is multiplied by Lot Mulitplier.

This process lasts until the number of orders reaches the value of Max. When it does, the EA stops opening locking orders. It will be opening orders in the direction of the available series with the Grid Step value used as a step b. FoxTrotTWO EA is an extension of FoxTrotONE EA and a multi-currency scalper Expert Advisor intended for EURUSD. He is also available for other major pairs. Recommended Timeframe is M To find the suitable trades the Expert Advisor uses two indicators and analyzes three different timeframes.

Open Trades in first two hours after the end of NY Forex trading session. EURUSD Other pairs can be used after optimizing the parameters. An automated multi-Timeframe multi-Currency pattern monitoring Expert Advisor.

The price can cover dozens of points during only the first minute of economic news release. News Robot MT4 is designed for trading on news using pending orders. The robot includes several news trading strategies. It will simplify your work and protect from order false triggering before data are released.

The robot can work both on breakthrough and rollbacks. Before news release, changes in the price of pending orders depend on the current price of the symbol. When one order triggers, the other. SAAD TrendTracker is a fully automated EA. It is based on mathematical algorithms Trend Tracker indicator and SAADScalper. The EA scalps pips by its strong Entry strategy based on SAADScalper. Trades that are not successful to scalp are handled in a different way of uniquely designed algorithm based on Trend Tracker indicator.

EA is designed for M1, M5, M15 and M It consults daily chart for successful trading accuracy. It consults Forex to handle unsuccessful trades using Trend Tracker Indicato. Venom Scalper is a scaler EA, which trades strong market movements. The Expert Advisor does not use hedging, martingale, grid strategies, arbitrage, etc.

The basis of the EA strategy lies on breakouts of the key levels based on supply and demand. The EA analyzes the volatility values, sets the breakeven levels, controls slippages and spread expansions. The trailing stop allows the robot to capture most of the movements, while reducing the risks. The settings are indented for the H1 timeframe. Euro Smart is a fully automated breakout EA which trades based on pending orders. This Expert Advisor is based purely on Price Action and used LockProfit, a smart code strategy allowing the EA to operate efficiently.

The Expert Advisor allows you to trade a fixed lot, as well as includes the money management unit for automatic lot calculation based on the preset risk per trade. I recommend that you use an ECN account with low spread and fast execution. Advantages Smart Pending Order; Lock p. The strategy is based on breakouts of High and Low values; The strategy is quite popular and it is regularly used as a basis for many trading systems.

It is always necessary to find fresh solutions, so Hilo features a quite fast algorithm. It is not loaded with unnecessary functions, and it disables and optimizes some functions when switching to test mode. All this allows traders to quickly find profitable settings for the EA; Fast o. Exp-TickSniper is a high-speed scalper with automatic selection of the parameters for each currency pair individually.

In addition to technical analysis, which is widespread among traders, the principle of tick movements is used for robot Expert Advisors. Trading tactics of such Expert Advisors allows locking small sharp price movements and opening a position in the direction of the signal. The Exp-TickSniper Expert Advisor is designed for facilitating the search for such situations f. Ilanis is and Expert Advisor for exchange trading, it can be used for trading on Forex and other markets, including commodities, metals and index markets.

The EA uses the modern and ultra-light adaptive indicator FourAverage for determining market entry points. Principle of position maintaining is similar to that of the popular Forex robot Ilan, using averaging. But unlike Ilan, Ilanis uses an accurate entry into the market. The robot pays attention to position control, if the price goes in th.

Wave Hunter uses pending orders for trading. It is a scalping strategy for trading breakthroughs. The EA is based on a breakthrough of a channel formed on a specified interval.

Wave Hunter uses trailing and breakeven after reaching a few points of profit, thus cutting a possible loss. Wave Hunter always has a fixed stop loss. At the same time, the take profit is unlimited, deals are closed based on a different principle. Here is our new Expert Advisor "Ultimatum". It features a new money management type specially adapted for financial markets.

An ultimatum is set to the price - if there is a move in any direction, it should bring immediate profit. This robot stems from the vast trading system development experience. This is a free version of the Ultimatum Expert Advisor.

The order opens only half of trades. This allows to fully evaluate the operability of the EA, the systems of money management and position con. This grid Expert Advisor covers loss-making deals by profitable ones.

Virtual take profit and stop loss are used. The trading robot works on any symbol with default settings. However, you can also perform an optimization.

It is protected by the built-in News Stop Trading system that suspends trading during news. The EA can receive news from the two economic calendars based on user's choice. The expanded version is provided by the trading panel allowing you to manage. NIGHT OWL is a night scalper that trades during the most quiet times of the market. Markets tend to range in that period and the EA will trade those ranging movements.

Each trade will have an initial stop loss and take profit, but the EA uses also advanced SL management algorithms that will evaluate the strength of the trades and close out early if necessary. The EA works on all pairs that have stable spread and quiet moves during the night. But it is programmed to also handle bigger spreads. This tool is an Expert Advisor that I developed which involves placing a trade in the market in many different ways Manually with the push of the buy or sell button, schedule a trade at a certain time, place lines on the chart where you would like to enter like a pending order.

We place a trade and wait for the move to occur. If we enter the market in the wrong direction we can choose to have the tool stop and reverse. As the market continues to move in that same direction our newly placed t. The "Irisha" is an Expert Advisor, in which we attempted to implement the ability of trading on smaller timeframes minutes.

The main idea lies in opening frequent trades and in the ability to "cover" losing trades with profitable ones. However, we had to resort to the Martingale strategy to implement the idea. MetaTrader 5 Experts Indicators Libraries Utilities MetaTrader 4 Experts Indicators Libraries Utilities Widgets Rules. Trading Robots for MetaTrader 4. Popular Last Free Paid. Veno EA by Alexey Kondratyev. Razor scalper by Ivan Zharkov.

SFE Price Action by Joel Juanpere. BBSO Genuity Scalper by Olivier Nomblot. Pulsar by Aleksej Jeske 12 USD. FXwizard by Vladimir Pokora. Prodigy by Aleksandr Valutsa. Night Trader EURUSD by Ugur Oezcan. Loss Recovery Trader Premium by Michalis Phylactou. PeregrimEA by Ivan Pochta. Belkaglazer by Dmitriy Shal.

Air Mechanic by Igor Otkidach. Sirius by Evgeniy Machok. FrankoScalp by Konstantin Kulikov. Project 42 by Yuliy Pishun 4 USD. BST seller UT by Olena Kondratenko. Rebel EA by Bogdan Yarotskiy. Black Cobra by Aleksandr Valutsa. True Scalper EA Free by Seda Terekyan. Gegatrade Pro by David Zouein.

Retro Trader by Ugur Oezcan. Green Point AUTO by Sergey Rozhnov USD. Forex power by Ramil Minniakhmetov. True Scalper EA by Seda Terekyan. Bollinger Bands all MAs MT4 by Jose Miguel Soriano 18 USD.

Hot Point AUTO by Sergey Rozhnov. Uforex TopRobot EA by Eugen Bernhardt. EA Voyager by Igor Otkidach. Sniper Scalper by Yang Wu 2 USD. CAP Zone Recovery EA PRO by Mohammad Ali. EA Black Star by Ramil Minniakhmetov. Brazil System Premium by Ramil Minniakhmetov. FoxTrotTWO EA by Thomas Gruening.

Voenix Harmonics by Lorentzos Roussos. News Robot MT4 by Andrey Tatarinov. SAAD TrendTracker by Adnan Iqbal. Venom Scalper by Pavel Yakovlev. Euro Smart by Uci Sanusi USD. ATS Hilo by Gennady Sergienko. Exp TickSniper by Vladislav Andruschenko.

Relativity System by Siwakon Poonsawat USD. Ilanis by Mikhail Sergeev. Wave Hunter by Roman Sheikin. Ultimatum Free by Mikhail Sergeev. Be Free mt4 Premium by Ramil Minniakhmetov. Night Owl by Wim Schrynemakers USD. Jimdandy Trade Management Tool by James Hodges. Irisha Scalper Advisor by Best Kudryashov USD.

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