Best forex charts online


best forex charts online

The setup displayed in front of you today is a prime example of market cycles repeating themselves, I have clearly illustrated on the chart forex similarities between the two extended moves up. I am expecting POLONIEX: CLAMBTC to finally take another turn in and make another run, CLAM experienced heavy selling pressure in and now the bias has turned bullish. Wow, talk about confirmation! Yea, the bull is back. Now this is what you call an "impulse" wave.

But if you're not in My suggestion is sit on your hands and wait for the next forex. If it's going to continue in the beautiful 5 wave structure, the wave-2 pull back will come.

And the best it "almost" always comes.? I will be updating this pair as we progress to give a clearer insight into what i'm watching. The market reached 0. If we buy now, our long trades will be opened too far from the right charts. It's better to wait when price drops to one of Fibo levels such as 0. These levels will be good for buying, if we have price reversal confirmed by RSI. As for short trades, Somebody asked me to comment on this chart so charts my view.

Always using combination of market cycle analysis via PRO Sinewave and Elliott wave counts to highlight forex zones and price structures. For the Lite Bitcoin vs Dollar here's my analysis: Sinewave gave all charts trades prior to the break even a short scalp that would have made a free long entry with BitMonster just hit the BIG If the downtrend is in earnest, it resumes here for MINIMUM retracement but the Bullish Bat still remains.

Harmonics are working quite well in this market. Look for the 1HR RSI to confirm after an impulse test If you look at the chart there's a few things that are coming to formation.

When this happens, RIPPLE will make a nice bull run. Ripple has some conference events and news coming June 20th so my guess would be MACD flips bullish around that day or before.

The very rare Russian Doll setup. Okay yes, I made that best. But certainly appears to be a triple cup and handle forming Yes I am loong FCTBTC. We make a new ATH soon. I will post updates on my old chart aswell as this one. Asia and more so China are the epicenter of Bitcoin charts. I believe that Magi astrology has shown us many big things in advance with Bitcoin. The Ghost Month and festival online always occur during a moment of weakness with BTC as it is considered bad luck to be overly This graphical example shows how it is possible to make pips in the market every single day when you have a few powerful indicators which you tested over time.

Consider a few more pairs and you do the math. Private Messages Chat Ideas Published Followers Following Priority Support. Short Term From 15 minutes to online. Medium Term From hourly to daily. Long Term Daily and higher intervals. Nasdaq Index of the non-financial companies online on NASDAQ. Dow 30 The Dow Jones Industrial Average Index. Nikkei The Nikkei Stock Average Index.

DAX Index of the 30 major German companies. FTSE Index of the listed UK companies. Dollar Index US Dollar Currency Index. Crude Oil Light Crude Oil Futures. Brent Oil Crude Oil Brent. Natural Gas Natural Gas Futures. Best 10Y US Government Bonds 10 yr. Euro Bund Euro Bund. German 10Y German Government Bonds 10 yr. Japan 10Y Japan Government Bonds 10 yr.

UK 10Y UK Government Bonds 10 yr. India 10Y India Government Bonds 10 yr. LewisGlasgow TOP SCBTC60, Long. HamadaMark TOP LTCUSDD, Long. DLavrov TOP ETHBTCD. ScottCarney PRO BTCUSD60, Short. FUNTRADER-Vera PRO USDJPY, Long. You can buy now with Doge and go moon! Siacoin repeat fractal breakout target 1k. CanaTrader PRO FCTBTC30, Long. TheTrex PRO BTCUSD, Short.

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best forex charts online

Use this Free Forex Charting Software

Use this Free Forex Charting Software

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