Learn forex live review


learn forex live review

Please also click here to see reviews for HectorTrader. Excellent course on pure price action trading. The Forex Knights Course.

I give his training an A. And Review have spent well over 10K in forex, Stock and options training. That's the most honest review you will get. I am not being paid, I just know quality. This is the course to get if you really want to learn how to trade. I think their Forex Knights course is an upgrade on this, so is likely amazing, and so I'll get that as well. Hector is absolutely excellent, and so is Jacob on the forum. DVD's of Hector's course never arrived after payment at end Sep Have been requesting refund since beginning Dec but they have been very "silent" since.

Simple,effective and profitable Systems and indicators. Hector told you how to think when you look at the chart, what chart to trade and what to avoid, I think he is the one of a few Masters in the Forex industry.

Go east go west hector is the best. Hectors DVDs are great, couldnt ask for better. His email support is good dont know what the guy at top is talking about. Two words to describe this training.

If you follow it. If you are serious about learning the Forex market this training is a must. I also ordered the DVD's and he sent forex to live on an army base in Iraq.

This is the real deal folks. You must realise that Trading is not a get rich quick endevor and it must be approached as a career. It will take time for you to learn it. This training has given me the foundation to become successful as a trader. Again this is a must for anyone wanting to become serious about trading. Good luck and be patient.

Hectors teaching is some of the best training out there and well worth the price. I've been receiving e-mails from Hector for over a year I see him more as a marketeer than a trader. Why does a successful trader need to sell a trading course?

It's obvious if he's spending learn responding to e-mails from students live not trading himself. The videos I've seen show the basics of price action trading there is nothing in them that can't be found for free else where. My advice to anyone thinking about getting any trading course is to check out what's out there for free first because there's a lot of very good traders willing to pass on their knowledge for free.

I sent Hector 3 emails and no reply so far Hector is a genius to say the least. Buy his course and study it diligently. It takes hours and days and you learn need learn go over and over the modules many times before you can master the content.

Make notes as you go along and revise those notes. His DVDs arrive as promised but you dont need the DVDs as the entire course is available online in the member's area. As far as answering e mails go, Hector answers all legitimate and good questions within a day.

He doesn't answer silly questions. I think he prioritizes the questions that need answering accordingly. Send a screen shot if you need to ask questions related to trades. You will get an answer in a day. Hector is a very entertaining teacher, sometimes funny very lucid and has a delightful slang. I took the course and still revise it regularly.

I make about pips a month only trading the part time trading strategy live. I have been studying Hector DeVille's Members area videos for a few weeks, and I have learned a lot. Everything from entry to stops to targets, money management and more. Plus, like Hector says,"you don't need a lot of indicators, just a couple of good ones. Review style of teaching and complete subject coverage inspire confidence in my ability to trade successfully.

I am demo trading now using Hectors system,and I will start trading a live account soon. So far Hector's teaching has proven golden, and at the same time Feels like I got a Master Trader as a "buddy".

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learn forex live review

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