Forex uv direktdruck


forex uv direktdruck

Our ultra-modern 7-color printing technique gives your image a luxurious matte finish. The Direct Print On Aluminum Dibond ensures excellent picture quality combined with great durability. We use UV Fine Art inks for this state-of-the-art 7-color printing process, which is optimized for photo printing. It produces vivid colors and sharp details.

A triple-layered composite material, it ensures stability while maintaining a low weight. Ideal for a gallery-quality presentation in any format. The print is direktdruck under UV light, effectively protection your image from sunlight, contaminants, and moisture.

Your Direct Print On Aluminum Dibond is absolutely unique: We create it in the exact dimensions you choose. Select a standard format from mini to extra-large with optional cut or rounded corners. Our prints on aluminum Dibond always arrive ready to hang: You can also have your picture framed to set a custom accent with a visual border.

Our frames also arrive ready to hang in both portrait or landscape orientation. We have over frames to choose from. The integrated wall-mounts on the back of the picture make it easy to hang it securely.

Depending on the size of your picture, we have 3 different wall-mounts included in the standard price:. Your Direct Print On Aluminum Dibond is perfectly secure in our made to measure packaging and will reach you safe and sound. Our reliable Softproof color management is an absolute must-have for professionals. Taking into account the print medium and print technology used, ICC profiles allow exact color matching. Download ICC profile Forex Art Print Aluminum.

The price list with the many formats, mountings and stand versions for your direct print on aluminum Dibond is extensive. Here you will find everything at a glance: Professionals trust us more than any other photo lab.

Multiple test wins and recommendations from specialist publications prove them right. Relaxing in your bathtub at home while gazing at the sunset over the Amalfi coast WhiteWall direct prints on aluminum Dibond are not only waterproof and fade-resistant, they also offer crisp details these characteristics make them a perfect decorative object for roofed outdoor areas and bathrooms because they need no glazing and there will be no condensation to mar the view.

We have quite a few waterproof products our direct prints on brushed aluminum will surprise you with a unique effect: The WhiteWall direct print on aluminum Dibond is printed directly onto brushed aluminum.

An eye-catching product for outstanding images. The horizontally brushed aluminum surface shines through in white and very light-colored areas, giving the entire image a contemporary matt look.

A metallic sheen appears in the brighter areas. This effect is particularly striking for the presentation of free-standing objects or for images containing metallic surfaces. The WhiteWall HD metal print is also extremely robust and suitable for outdoor areas. This is a premium print option. A state-of-the-art technology called dye sublimation burns your photo into the custom coating of the 1 mm aluminum plate, where it is safely sealed.

As a first step, your photo is printed onto transfer paper using Fine Art Inkjet inks. The ink is then steamed into the coating of the 1 mm thick aluminum plate using pressure and heat, fusing the direktdruck permanently. The process is called dye sublimation and allows the rendering of exact details and brilliant colors with excellent durability.

Its glossy look and incredible durability makes the HD metal print a luxurious alternative for the direct print on aluminum Dibond. Anyone who values the traditional photo print and is looking for a more contemporary presentation medium will appreciate the original photo print on aluminum Dibond.

The many artistic direktdruck due to the different photo paper types. Select either Fuji Crystal DP II, which is available in matt or glossy, Kodak Endura also in matt or glossy forex or the matt Ilford paper for monochrome prints. Once exposed, we seal your photo with forex ultra-thin protective UV foil in matt or glossy. Your picture is fully protected against dirt and the colors keep their brilliance. It is, however, not moisture-proof.

If you are looking to spruce up your bathroom, a direct print on aluminum Dibond would be the better choice. Or you can just lie back comfortably and enjoy the sunset.

Please activate JavaScript to be able to use all the functions of this page. This page has not been optimised for the Internet Explorer 6 browser. Please download the newest version of Internet Explorer here. If you are planning to place a large order with us, we would be happy to offer you volume pricing. WhiteWall Acrylic Photo Prints. Direct Print on Aluminum Backing. Upload photos Use one of ours. High Quality Direct Print:. Printed with UV-Cured Inks:. Arrives Ready to Hang:. State-of-the-art 7-color print directly on the aluminum.

Matte finish with a satin sheen in brighter areas. Suitable for roofed outdoor areas and bathrooms. Direct Print On Aluminum Dibond: A Glare-free, Matte Finish. Brilliant Colors for Your Photograph.

White back [4] Ensures stability and durability Makes oversized and panorama formats possible A timeless look for photos as direct print photos. Direct Print With UV-Cured Inks: Waterproof for Indoor forex Outdoor Use. Your Direct Print On Aluminum Dibond is Precision Made to Your Exact Specifications. Diverse Frames Are a Perfect Finishing Touch for Your Print On Aluminum Dibond. Contemporary, rustic, classic Materials: Solid wood with read wood veneer or aluminum frames Production: Direct Prints On Aluminum Dibond Arrive Ready To Hang.

Depending on the size of your picture, we have 3 different wall-mounts forex in the standard price: Speedy Delivery in Direktdruck Custom Packaging. Standard or Express shipping Full-service delivery available for pictures with an edge over 49" cm. Delivery on appointment and unpacking service including disposal of the packaging. White label shipping available: Product and packaging will be sent with a neutral return address and without the WhiteWall direktdruck. Your photo as a direct print on aluminum Dibond: Perfect for the bathroom.

The luxurious alternative to a direct print on aluminum Dibond: For direct prints and original photo prints. Sign up for our newsletter. Exclusive promotions All of the news at a glance Expert recommendations. USA Germany UK Switzerland Spain Italy Belgium France Netherlands Austria Europe World. Secure customer information, Transparent checkout, Encrypted account access, Secure payment.

forex uv direktdruck

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