Forex islamic account malaysia


forex islamic account malaysia

The Vantage FX Islamic account has been custom designed for forex traders who are unable to receive or pay swaps due to their religious beliefs. A Forex Islamic Account is sometimes also called a swap free account. This is because a forex trader using an Islamic account account incur no swaps or interest charges on positions that they hold overnight like a regular forex trading account holder would.

You would instead be forex administration fees on your positions. Are you a forex trader who follows the Islamic faith? If so, then the Sharia compliant Vantage FX Islamic Account is for you. When a trade on your Vantage FX Islamic Account has been opened for the required period of time, an administration charge will instead be deducted from the balance of the account. Vantage FX are happy to announce an exclusive partnership with Australian Gold and Silver Exchange AGSX.

This partnership is crucial in forming our Islamic gold and silver trading offering. True Islamic Gold and Silver trading must have a physical gold and silver backing and this AGSX partnership has made this possible.

Experience Oil trading under Islamic rules with Vantage FX today. The price of oil on the Vantage FX MT4 platform is tied to the price of Oil futures traded on futures exchanges around the world. Trade Oil without accruing any positive or negative swaps with Vantage FX. Tap into volatile Oil trading markets with Vantage FX today. Trade indices directly linked to global stock markets without accruing any swaps.

Instead pay or receive administration fees on your Vantage FX Islamic forex trading account. Vantage FX have introduced their Islamic forex account option, which fully complies with the religious needs of members of the Muslim faith.

All clients who open a Vantage FX Islamic Account will not be charged forex swaps. Swap charges are fully replaced in the MT4 platform by daily administration fees on all Forex trading products. Come and experience transparent Forex trading with Vantage FX on a wide range of forex currency pairs, commodities and indices.

Clients will be able to access their Islamic forex trading account via the powerful MT4 platform, as well as having the ability to trade anywhere anytime on the MetaQuotes mobile application. Live chat Contact us. Client Portal Live Account Demo Account. Forex Trading Open a Live Forex Trading Account Open Forex Demo Account Metatrader 4 Unlimited Demo Account Compare Forex Trading Accounts MT4 RAW ECN Account MT4 Standard Stp Account Islamic Account 8.

Why Choose Vantage FX? Vantage FX Awards Our Trading Servers Our Partners Australian Regulation Legal Documentation Press Releases Contact Us. Open A live ISLAMIC ACCOUNT TODAY. Account Type Individual Joint Company Trust or Self Managed Super Fund SMSF.

Vantage FX Islamic Account The Vantage FX Islamic account has been custom designed for forex traders who are unable to receive or pay swaps due to their religious beliefs. What is a Forex Islamic Account?

For full terms around these administration charges, please see our terms and conditions page. Islamic Gold and Silver Trading Vantage Malaysia are happy to announce an exclusive partnership with Australian Gold and Silver Exchange AGSX. Islamic Oil Trading Experience Oil trading under Islamic rules with Vantage FX today.

Islamic Forex Trading Vantage FX have introduced their Islamic forex account option, which fully complies with the religious needs of members of the Muslim faith. Markets Available to Trade on an Islamic Forex Account Forex.

Who can use a Vantage FX Islamic account? The Vantage FX Islamic account has been designed only for forex traders who are unable to receive or pay swaps due to their religious beliefs. Vantage Islamic offers fully Shariah compliant Malaysia accounts, giving traders of the Muslim faith fair and transparent access to global markets. How can I open a Vantage FX Islamic account? In order to open a live Islamic account, Muslim clients must complete a simple online application form and provide the requested ID documents.

How can I deposit funds into my Vantage FX Islamic account? As soon as our accounts team opens your live Vantage FX Islamic trading account, clients can initiate their first deposit by simply going to our secure Client Portal. The Client Portal allows the client to choose their preferred deposit method. How are the funds segregated and ring fenced in Vantage FX for Shariah Compliance? We have separate accounts which never mingle with conventional funds.

How can I withdraw my funds from Vantage FX Islamic accounts? Vantage FX clients can request withdrawal of their funds anytime by accessing their Client Portal and lodging a withdrawal request. All withdrawal requests are processed once a day around 1pm AEST. Any withdrawal request received after 1pm Sydney time is automatically processed the following business day around 1pm AEST. What fees and charges apply to Vantage FX Islamic accounts?

All Muslim clients who use a Vantage FX Islamic account will be charged Standard STP spreads and the daily administration fee. Vantage FX charges Islamic STP spread on all Islamic accounts. Are there swap or interest charges?

There are no swap or interest charges. We charge an administration fee justifiable for administration related expenses to manage your account. How are trades processed on a Vantage FX Islamic account? The client places the trade and Vantage FX transfer the trade to a liquidity provider where the trade takes place in the underlying interbank market. We can prove the actual currency trading through our liquidity providers. Clients can be assured that they are trading real prices and affecting prices via supply demand with their own positions.

The client is always responsible for the effect that his order has on the underlying market. Positions, even small during times of low liquidity, can move the market. The client has full ownership of his trade and its effect. Why do I get charged an administration fee on Vantage FX Islamic accounts?

In order to provide fair and transparent access to global markets, Vantage FX has to pass on the costs associated with maintaining their open positions. All our liquidity providers charge certain fees to keep positions open and this cost is passed onto clients via the daily Administration fee. What time is the administration fee applied to live Vantage FX Islamic accounts?

Vantage FX calculates all administration fees exactly at 0: The administration fee itself is then applied at 1: How are trades executed on Vantage FX Islamic accounts and is there actual possession Qabdh of currencies? Vantage FX malaysia absolute transparency in trading. All our trades are passed to liquidity providers. Whether you trade Forex, Commodities or Indicies, with our Islamic account you can be assured that your trades are passed to the underlying market and thus be assured your trading and trading exposure real; a basic requirement that makes our Islamic account Shariah compliant.

Are there always Liquidity Providers LP involved in your trading model? The account balances of all these different currency denominations are held within our segregated bank account.

In our case this is with the National Australia Bank NAB. These funds then allow the client to trade up to 50 currency pairs via our liquidity providers. Yes there is always possession and we serve on your behalf as agent Wakeel to take possession on your behalf. This is also known as A-Book broker model. Does Vantage FX provide a loan to clients to trade on an Islamic account?

Vantage FX provides margin trading where all trade financing is provided by Liquidity Providers who then charge Vantage FX Administration Fee. The Administration fee is then passed onto clients via MT4 platform. Is the administration fee and spread a justified charge on the Vantage FX Islamic account? Vantage FX offers a legitimate service for which they can charge fees. There is no substitute for interest or swap charges as in conventional accounts.

Account is the Shariah basis for this product? Vantage FX being the agent that manages the accounts and charges an Administration fee based on a signed mandate. The relationship between the liquidity providers and Vantage FX is that of Qardh Loan which is managed under a signed mandate by Vantage FX. The account holders do not sign a mandate with the liquidity provider and have an agreement only with Vantage FX. The actual trading is referred to as Bay al-Sarf currency trading.

Is the Vantage FX Islamic account Shariah compliant? At Vantage FX we are fully committed to delivering the first officially certified Islamic account.

We have worked alongside well known shariah scholars including Sheikh Hasan Qamra, Chairman of forex Shariah Board and follow his strict requirements in order to receive official certification which proves that Vantage FX account is fully Shariah compliant. How can I contact the Shariah board? We have a competent Shariah board who will answer your queries. Only email queries pertaining to Shariah matters will be attended to.

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forex islamic account malaysia

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