Best indicator forex mt4


best indicator forex mt4

While CCI trading I discovered and created a simple yet powerful forex mt4 indicator that is the best way to define the trend I have ever seen. I think it will help for sure!

The green bars above or the red bars below the zero line are the True Trend and show if the current trend is up or down. Any reading of the true trend above the zero line is positive and means an uptrend in the market while any reading below the zero line negative or a downtrending market. The thin blue line is called the EntryCCI.

We use this to show when price is overbought or oversold against the trend. We are looking for the EntryCCI to be puled away opposite to the trend to have a setup and then wait for price to resume back toward the current trend.

Here is the True Trend indicator settings for the inputs of the TrendCCI and EntryCCI periods:. Download link for the True Trend Indicator. Throughout the time I have been trading, I also find the CCI one of the most useful indicators.

Nice combo there with 20 and 3 periods looks good. I look at the MACD as well. Probably those are the most useful indicators of the all! This trend indicator is the best. I am using the true trend on my metatrader 4 and it is amazing. Just a little background.

I am a self trader actively trading the six USD pairs and EJ during the London and New York sessions on the one hour charts. This forex trend indicator has been a big help to my trading while I wait for correlation to return to the market. The true trend indicator can be used on all time frames in order to best see the trend. It works excellent on all time frames. Hi Jordan, nice work with this trend indicator, but it is still foggy, are you trading only one H8 candle or more? I use the true trend indicator on all time frames and truly it is the best trend indicator to first show you the trend and also when price is oversold or overbought against the trend which provides excellent entries.

In the youtube videos I will get into exits as they occur on current trades. Jordan I brief about myself, I was a S. I want to tell you, all these years I have not had any success, Jordan, I am a scalper, I want to know from you, can I use it on 1 min. I have worked with Jordan.

He is absolutely top notch and knows his stuff. The way how you explain the strategies is excellent. The Trinity System has logical basic and with discipline traders are able to become successful. How can I use this indicator in an Expert Advisor?

The True Trend Indicator helps us define the trend. It shows us when the trend is up or down and you need to trade around that with the trend. It is not providing buy and sell signals when the trend changes. This is an indicator and not an expert advisor. You want to use the Trend Indicator as a tool for helping you trade with the trend. I know this is an indicator and not an EA, but custom indicators can be used in EAs as well.

Trend trading is a trading strategy best Professionals. In Singapore most Forex traders are trading using trends. This is considered to be the most lucrative, safe and profitable trading strategy. Any Forex trader who thinks seriously about Forex trading and wants to make a good income from it must follow the trends.

Hi Jordon, thanks for a great indicator! Can you explain what the White and Yellow bars are all about? You explained that the bars are green when the Trend CCI is above zero and they are red when the Trend CCI is below zero but the bars both above and below are sometimes colored white and sometimes colored mt4. When the bars are those colors, what does that mean? Thanks and we are looking forward to your response. Only pay attention to the reading of the Tend CCI if it is positive or negative.

Above 0 is positive and below 0 is negative. I use the Data Window to get the reading. Pay no attention to the color of the bars because they are irrelevant for our purposes. Have you stopped trading Conquer? Combined with a longer-term trend indicator of my own, it does really well on the daily chart.

Hi Jason, Conquer is awesome. It averages medium double digit gains yearly automated. I am looking to for it to do low double digit gains monthly. A work in progress but a fun project to be spending time on. I agree, the Dual CCI rocks! Looking forward to Conquer v3. And did well during the panic during the last week. Can you tell me why your preferred setting is 2 instead of 3. I remember you mentioning somewhere that forex were trying to locate the mq4 version of your indicator in your computer.

I have re-coded the colored CCI indi to behave exactly like yours and with your preferred colors and setting. I will gladly send the source code to you if you want it. I too like using the EntryCCI value of 3 and have spent a lot of time using that setting while exploring possibilities.

I prefer the setting at 2 because it gives a quicker indication of price resetting away from the trend but in my opinion Greg it is personal preference. You have to go with what you find to be the most helpful. The indicator is indicator awesome but it is a tool for us. It is more about how we use the tool. If you find the setting of the EntryCCI more helpful with the setting of 3 absolutely go with it. Yes, I would love to receive your version of the source code and with your permission post it to the group as well.

Hi Jordan, Its been a while. I just want to let you know that I still use your trend cci and it is part of my trading. And through you also that I learned how to trade the 8hr. Now that I am becoming successful as a trader perhaps in time Id fly to where you are and thank you personally. Hi Jordan, I wonder if this CCI Trend Indicator will work on index ie stck market. Thanking you while i look forward reading from you soon.

Hi jordan, Awsome indicator. Can you please give me a brief description how to use entrycci line? The EntryCCI is used as a tool to show us when price has become overbought or oversold against the trend in place defined by the TrendCCI. The EntryCCI helps you from buying or selling into the trend and rather gives you the green light to look for entries when price has pulled back from the direction of the trend. You then wait for price to show you the trend is resuming.

Picture a rubber band being pulled apart waiting to snap back indicator the trend. Jordan, without time to test it I can see the effect it can have on your trading.

We all talk about trend but we ignore it as it becomes clattered with the movement of the market. With this indicator I could not really trade against the trend without taking responsibility of my decision. It will be a great help in any strategy as you can focus on the strategynot on figuring which way to go. It appears to be a great entry point indicator.

Thanks for sharing this. Jordan, if this indicator is so stable and reliable for the rest of the week I will be shocked as it is a system on its own. Tried it on 1M and it worked but I became a Rambotook too many risks, but on 5M it was spot on. You are the man Jordan. This indicator has changed the game for me and will bless many people if they us it correctly.

Thank You so much for making this indicator available. The true trend indicator helps you see the trend and buy or sell when price is overbought or oversold against the trend. It helps predict price and keep you on the right side of the market, trading with the trend. It helps in spot Forex and with option. I like how you said that the trend indicators work so well. A friend of mine tinkers on the stock market quite a bit, and he uses similar types of software.

We see each other at work a lot. I would really like to take a good look at the True Trend Indicator especially after so many amazing testimonies. Could you please point me in the direction so I can download it for MT First register for the group and then the download page is here for the True Trend indicator. I personally use the True Trend indicator on the 1 minute time frame. This is the recommend time frame of my premium course.

Lot of thanks for sharing this great indicatori would like to know if you dont mind to tell mehow we can know that now price is over bought or over sold. Price is over sold or over brought when the EntryCCI blue line is trading in the opposite direction of the TrendCCI defines the trend. If the value of the TrendCCI is positive price is currently in an up trend. If the value of the TrendCCI is negative price is in a down trend. Sir, I am not clear about the entry points.

Please confirm whether my understanding stated below is correct. The True Trend and all indicators are tools to help you read the market and to be used along with price action and fundamentals. In the instance you mentioned was a high impact news release ISM Non-Manufacturing PMI which the market is looking at as to a clue to whether or not the Fed will raise rates this month. You cannot rely on solely and indicator if you are choosing to trade big news events but also must take the data into account.

Best Jordan, this indicator seems to be a reliable tool. Is it also updated in the future in case of newer builds of mt4? So far it forex survived every build including the major MT4 platform updates without any issues whatsoever.

Glad I found your site, Jordan. All the best, Dan. Hi Karabo, you are welcome and I greatly appreciate your enthusiasm. I assure you though as good as the indicator is, and it is fantastic, it will not prevent all losses in your account. Trade with respect of the markets always! I just came across this website. I forex looking to learn Forex trading as I have lost money and realize I have lots to learn. I am interested in these indicators and want to learn to trade.

Do you train as well? I have a question: Thanks, does the candle has to close to consider entering the trade or once the the candle breaks below the low of previous candle or above the high you enter the trade? The entry is as soon as the previous high when buying or low when selling is taking out, without waiting for the candle to close for entry.

Also when price moves opposite trend it is a signal for a counter-trend trade. In many cases will result in a very profitable trade. How To Install Multiple MT4 Instances, https: Local Trade Copier Free How To Copy Trades From One MT4 To Another, https: HI Jordan my name is Cyril Gumede ,currently residing in SA ,Durban kindly help me out here I also want to use your strategies here on obtaining better income ,kindly advise your strategy.

Just a question, what does each of the color represents in the indicator? Just a noob question. Thank you and keep it up. So the color of the bar is actually irrelevant but what matters is the reading itself. Above the 0 line is an up trend and below the 0 line is a down trend. To know if the Trend is above or below the 0 line open up the Data Window in your MT4.

Then with your mouse over the last price bar to close read inside the Data Window the TrendCCI reading. If that is a positive reading it is above the 0 line and if it is a negative reading it is below the 0 line. Do not look at the color of the bar but the reading itself. The CCI Trend Indicator for Trend Following Traders. Forex Trend Indicator While CCI trading I discovered and created a simple yet powerful forex trend indicator that is the best way to define the trend I have ever seen.

Best CCI Indicator Settings Here is the True Trend indicator settings for the inputs of the TrendCCI and EntryCCI periods: Share This Story, Choose Your Platform! Above of all I am a husband, a father.

I am also a trader with a great passion for the markets. Most of all how to profit from them. Peter Petrov December 12, at 8: When will you continue with your youtube videos? Jordan January 18, at 8: Have a great weekend. Can i used this trend indicator for any time frame or is the daily time only suitable? Jordan January 25, at 8: Jordan June 27, at 5: Samson November 4, at 7: Is this indicator useful on lower time frames, like the 1H 30M 15M.

Kwame Affum February 3, at Hi Jordan, can you please explain further how to use the entrycci line to trade. June 5, at 3: Kindly, help please, I am looking forward to hear from you brother. Thank You, MOHAMMED YASSER N. John Houston February 15, at 8: Martin Moretti February 23, at Zeo March 25, at I just noticed you changed best entry CCI period to 2 instead of 3. Gerardo Bustos May 15, at 9: Hello Jordan, good day.

Best regards and thank you in advance, Gerardo. Jordan May 18, at 2: Gerardo Bustos May 22, at 9: Mark Tailor July 1, at 6: Peter Thomas July 23, at 8: Jordan July 23, at 8: Jason Smith August 2, at 4: Jordan August 3, at 4: Daniel August 14, at 2: Jason Smith August 29, at 1: Greg Matanjun August 31, at 2: I find this indicator to be truly awesome.

Jordan September 2, at 3: Hi Greg, I too like using the EntryCCI value of 3 and have spent a lot of time using that setting while exploring possibilities. Jan Marc D September 21, at 6: Im glad Ive found this site. God Bless you Jordan You have a beautiful heart. Jordan September 21, at 7: Jan Marc D September 23, at 3: Oh by the way its almost exactly a year when I found your site.

God Bless you Jordan. Aliang Kong September 23, at 4: Jordan October 28, at Dayam November 9, at 8: Jordan November 9, at 8: Leon November 10, at 6: Leon November 10, at 2: Joe Stephens, III November 14, at 3: Yim Rama December 15, at 7: I cannot find this indicator on my mt4. How can I get it? Jordan January 7, at Jordan December 22, at 6: Drew Reed January 20, at 2: Wade February 8, at 8: Hi Jordan, I would really like to take a good look at the True Trend Indicator especially after so many amazing testimonies.

Jordan February 11, at 6: Jordan March 10, at 1: Jordan March 18, at 4: Lot of thanks for So so nice Explanation. Chandrasekaran May 4, at 1: Christine Niemira May 10, at 4: THANK YOU SO MUCH THIS IS AN EXCELLENT INDICATOR I HAVE SEEN DURING THIS 7.

Koos De Klerk August 29, at Jordan September 6, at 1: Ron Warshawsky September 6, at 3: Jordan September 6, at 5: Michael October 25, at 4: Jordan October 25, at mt4 Eric Ericsson October 26, at Jordan October 26, at 1: Koos De Klerk November 7, at 7: Hi Jordan, what indicator the MA in the main screen?

Daniel Budden December 12, at 9: Karabo Modisane December 16, at Thanks to Jordan and all the team. Jordan December 16, at 5: Ali December 29, at 2: Jordan, I just came across this website. Jordan January 25, at 6: That is the earliest signal you can receive that price is resuming back toward the trend.

Falisco January 25, at 9: Jordan January 26, at 2: Jordan February 22, at Here are video tutorials. Cyril Gumede March 3, at 9: Perfect just what I was looking for! Farabbi bin younus May 20, at Andy May 26, at 2: Jordan May 29, at 2: Leave A Comment Cancel reply Comment.

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best indicator forex mt4

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