Alpha forex forum


alpha forex forum

Now With Over 23,000 Reviews! Jea boasts over 15 years of active participation in US Equities, Futures and Options Markets. Voted Forbes Best of the Web for four consecutive years. I found Alpha7 by chance while I was searching for a good trading platform. I was skeptical before signing up. I read four pages of alpha and at the end I bought Level 1 only. I started immediately as I was very curious and I finalized it in 2 months by studying it 4 times. I loved the way Jea Yu built the course by combining technical analysis with trading psychology and fundamental analysis.

Then I joined classroom sessions and I met Doron Yoets, who impressed me with his high professionalism, passion, devotion and patience for each student.

Honestly he is the best teacher I met up to now. I was so impressed that I bought Level 2 without thinking too much. This choice changed my life. I studied Level 2 four times and then I started to apply its strategies on Equities, Forex and Futures markets. Perfect storm pattern impressed me so much that I decided to continue my trading education.

Thus I bought Level 3 and 4 at once. Before starting Level 3, I signed up for Trading Room moderated by Doron. Starting with this point in time my learning curve started to rise exponentially. Risk is a key for consistency. All trades he took were announced with sec or more before patterns started to work out. Doron is explaining to students what patterns he found, what is the risk and probability of each trade.

In case a student finds a pattern, moderator is analyzing it and provides his feedback in a professional way by underlining all tips and tricks. This kind of forex is priceless. You will love it. I was close to forget Ed Gitlin from marketing department of Alpha7. Forex provided me rebates and encouraged me to continue with my education when it was hard for me to find capital.

Conclusion: This is the best investment I ever made and the best education team I ever met. Believe it or not, this is first time in my life I am saying these words. Congratulation to Alpha7 team! You impressed me with your know-how, devotion and student oriented focus. Trading is about understanding yourself and accommodating your style to match.

Be aware of your trading psychology. Who are you, why did you make that trade? There is nothing worse than 6 months from now trying to remember why you made that bone headed trade. What were the circumstances…? Educate yourself; or better yet, find someone who knows more than you do. But only you can devise a strategy that suits you. I bounced around trying different systems; they all added value and taught me different skills.

I learned about Price Action, Volume Analysis, trend identification, reading SEC reports in search of fraud and shady accounting and the anatomy of a short squeeze. All has served alpha well; but, I was still missing that trigger. When to avoid and when to play. Alpha7: Alpha7 put together a great course and system. I was reluctant at first but was glad I made the choice to join. It gave me that edge I needed to complete tool chest and skills needed to trade in this environment of HFT and algorithms.

The trading Coach I have is really experienced and involved with the group. I am becoming more consistent and stay away from a lot of what I use to perceive as good trades when in fact they were not. I no longer struggle with when to play and what to avoid. We all walk on different paths but the destination is the same. Intimate one on one coaching included helps to expound on the self paced education and to hone your trading skills.

The reason was that I saw numerous reviews online on Alpha 7 by different individuals with the exactly same content. I asked myself, why would a reputable Academy post such fake reviews? However, I was desperate for help. Doron gives direction and guidance that is hard to find in all live trading websites, I tried many day trading web sites, by far.

At Alpha7 Trading room, you can watch real-time trades of this extremely skilled technical analyst. Doron is very straightforward and honest. I found that group in the Alpha 7 trading chatroom. The size of the chatroom is ideal so that all members can be heard and questions answered timely.

He gives additional insights into trading setups and is cautious and prudent with his trades. This style of trading is beneficial to traders of all skill and risk levels by identifying and executing trades with confidence.

I came to alpha 7 trading after I found forex about Jea Yu and his performance on equities trading. You trade exactly forum on that from point A to point B. I am the first student in that trade profitable in forex using the modified rifle charts, I can easily look into the chart and see price actions, I know exactly where to get in and get out and make a profitable trade. Do I recommend Alpha 7 to everyone? They are incredible people who do genuinely care about the success of the student.

Plus one on one alpha, plus homework assignments which really help you nail down the system, plus slides, which are great for taking notes, and videos that are very in depth. A huge bonus is if you call and have a question they are there immediately by phone or email. This is just the support!!!

The system itself is awesome. I am not a newbie, I learned straight PA forum Ichi, and this system has several built in buffers, or bumpers, that will keep you out of a bad trade majority of the time. It is a very precise and easy to forum system and can be used on any instrument.

And that is what a trader needs, not to think, but react by knowing. A huge bonus for me was the fact that there are several options on what level to go to, there are 4, and what you want to do after each is completed.

My choice was to go with the placement in a alpha firm, but there are more options, since capital has always been my Achilles Heel. The first level course at Alpha 7 gave me a very good forex of what I should expect along my trading journey and what kinds of bumps I may run into.

After I took the Level 1 course I decided to go into the chat room and see what that was all about. My first day in the chatroom, I was able to look at what stocks other traders in the forum room were looking at as well as a live feed from the moderators and use what I had learned so far as to what to look for when trading. One of the biggest highlights of my experience with Alpha 7 so far is when, on my first day in the chat room, a fellow trader not someone who works for Alpha 7offered to take a look at my trades and give me feedback to let me know what I was doing right and where I could improve.

This really goes to show how community-driven and resourceful this program is. Doron the chat room moderator calls out all of his trades before he enters them! Doron gives you a clear entry price and stop before he enters his trade. You typically have 15 to 30 seconds to enter your trade, so you will get the exact same price as Doron He comments on the trade in real-time, so you know exactly what is happening and why it is happening.

He tells you when to start exiting your position and what price to target After the trade, he debriefs the room on what happened. That education is priceless Moreover, if you suggest trade ideas, Doron will comment on whether or not he would enter it and why.

A bit short, but great to get a feel for the room Doron trades mostly mid-cap and large-cap stocks, so stocks with a healthy liquidity and reasonable amount of volatility.

alpha forex forum

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how to earn 1000$ per month indian forex forum

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