Hyderabad forex exchange


hyderabad forex exchange

Home Contact Us RSS. Sun 18 Jun Bus Taxi Car Rentals. RGIA Airport has presently one integrated Terminal for domestic and international arrivals and departures and one Special Handling Haj Terminal. It is recommended that you arrive 90 minutes prior to departure for check-in and security screening for domestic flights.

For International Flights, please arrive minutes prior hyderabad departure for check-in and security screening. Parents of unaccompanied minors need to contact respective airlines for the handover procedure before check in. There is a procedure to be followed for Unaccompanied Minor UNMR OR young passenger YTH. Separate Child Care Lounges are not available but Nappy change rooms are available at Departures and Arrivals. We are working towards providing a Nursing room.

Need to add FREE WIFI, download and view instructions. Is forex any forex facility in and around the airport? Plaza Premium Lounge positioned at the level below the Airport Village offers Asian and Western style buffet meals Hot and cold beverages Hot shower Nap and shower packages also available on hours of usage Seated massage Internet Left luggage service Conference room Affordable facilities for economical stay are available at the Passenger Transportation Center.

For reservations please contact your travel agent or the hotel directly. RGIA Airport offers barrier free access for passengers. In addition, wheel chairs are available at the departure ramp of the airport. Customer Service Executives at the airport assist and guide you during the journey. For further assistance, you are requested to contact your respective airline or the Airport Terminal Managers.

Yes, pregnant ladies are allowed to travel on domestic flights. However, a fitness certificate certifying that the pregnant lady is fit to travel by Air is required by the concerned doctor. Women above 32 weeks pregnancy are not allowed to travel by air. For further information please contact your respective airline.

International passengers holding valid tickets can enter the terminal building only 3 hours prior to the scheduled departure time. However they can avail the lounge facility available at Plaza Premium located at the Car Park level or use the facility at the Passenger Transportation Center PTC. Weizmann Forex counter is available at both exchange and departures. Medicines in limited quantities which are necessary or appropriate for the guest during the journey, may be carried.

Please get in touch with the airline for more information. Please Note Liquids, Aerosols and Gels of ml quantity only are permissible to be carried on person due to Security reasons. Please get in touch with the airport staff at the help desks if you are at the airport or write to us at document. Feedback can be made at all Feedback Kiosk located at Security Hold Area and at Arrivals as well; you can also email to document.

Enquiry can be made at Information Desk located at Check-in area Row C and Airport Village Information Desk or CallCenter on Visitors are permitted to enter the Airport Village on purchase of an Entry Ticket of Rs. Is it possible to drop off and pick up someone in front of a terminal? Yes, vehicles are permitted to pull up curbside, but ONLY for picking up or dropping off passengers.

Vehicles left unattended at the curb will be towed and fined. As per Government Order smoking is banned in public areas. At RGIA there are specially designed Smoking Lounges at Departures and Arrivals.

Please Note Defaulters will attract a fine. The airport also has an Ambulance on standby to cater to any medical emergency. Passengers who do not wish to carry their baggage for a short period of time while they go about their business can leave their baggage in the safe custody of an agency for a charge. Left Luggage facility at RGIA is provided by Make My Trip, having counters at arrivals and departures which operates round the clock.

Contact Make My Trip at Airport Village for Left Luggage facility Cloak Room services. You may contact your respective Airlines and provide the details regarding your misplaced baggage.

What is the baggage size and weight allowed to be carried in a flight? It is advised that you contact your respective Airline for detailed information on baggage size and weight to be carried in the flight as all Airlines have got different parameters in this regard. You can get the Flight Information from the Flight Information Display system screens FIDS available in the Terminal Building and through the homepage of our website for the latest updates. Flight Information can also be obtained directly by contacting your respective Airline You may contact hyderabad concerned Airline website or your Travel Agent and get the route details and timetable of the forex. Contact for more information: Cars can be pre-booked through the Carzonrent Car Rentals Car Rentals Contact Number Website Carzonrent www.

You could use any of the following options: Hire a car from the car rental counters 2. Hire a radio taxi from Meru or Easy Cabs 3. Use the APSRTC Pushpak Liner service 4. APSRTC bus service 5. What happens if the goods I purchase at the airport are faulty? You may register your complaint at the GMR information counter regarding the faulty goods against the shop from where you made your purchase and necessary steps will be taken in this regard.

Credit cards can be used at all Retail Stores and Ticketing Counters. All rights reserved Site last updated on Jun 12, Terms exchange conditions Privacy Policy. Download FAQ How many terminals does the Hyderabad airport have? How early should I arrive at the airport before my flight? Is there any Child Care lounge facility at the airport? Is Wi-Fi facility available at the airport? What are the facilities available for special hyderabad Can pregnant women travel on domestic flights?

Is there any waiting room facility at the airport? Does the airport have a money exchange facility? Can I carry medicines on board? Who do I contact if I have lost something at the airport?

How do I travel between terminals? Where Can I give feedback of the Airport? Enquiry can be made at Information Desk located at Check-in area Row C and Airport Village Information Desk or CallCenter on Do you have a visitor area? Does the Airport have smoking areas? Does the airport have any medical facility? What is the left luggage facility? Contact Make My Trip at Airport Village for Left Luggage facility Cloak Room services Does a Railway reservation counter exist at the airport?

How can I check the flight arrival or departure timings? What are the details of car parking in the airport? Exchange can be pre-booked through the Carzonrent Car Rentals Car Rentals.

hyderabad forex exchange

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