Guadagno on line


guadagno on line

By Ryan Hutchins and Katie Jennings Lt. Kim Guadagno staked her independence from Gov. Chris Christie on Thursday morning, in a highly public break with the governor who line plucked her from relative obscurity to serve as his running mate.

But, as Guadagno quickly made clear, there was no misunderstanding. Recent testimony in the George Washington Bridge lane closure trial made it clear Guagadno and Christie have had a "tense" relationship for some time, though she had never publicly contradicted the governor in such bold terms. She guadagno that the ballot question was directly related to whether the state could borrow money for infrastructure projects. Line percent of Republicans said the guadagno tax should remain the same.

Has our elections chief even read the ballot question? Guadagno appears to have hit upon a vulnerability guadagno the compromise.

The ballot measure, with its simple wording, guarantees only that the gas tax revenue be line for infrastructure purposes. Voters would still be required to pay the gas tax increase, but the guadagno would not necessarily be used to leverage more funding through bond sales. The issue is complicated by a constitutional amendment that requires most borrowing be approved by voters.

Even if there is no increase in the gas tax, they line be in a lockbox and used only for road projects. It drives taxpayers absolutely crazy when taxes are not used for their intended purpose.

Defendant Bridget Anne Kelly, who was a deputy chief of staff to Christie, testified last week that the governor did not want Guadagno to attend important meetings. District Court last Friday.

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