Forex robot trader reaper


forex robot trader reaper

These two robots are trader. Anybody who can read charts will beat them 10 times over. Use it for a month and every single trade was a lost regardless setting. I have consistently lost money. I bought the VADER robot in September and started great, I was up around pips for the first 2 weeks, live account.

After that it has been all down hill. I submitted a ticket in october and they replied with a few things to try. I tried all their suggestions, except buying 2 seperate robots from them. I dont expect to see matching profits from them, but they are postingmonths, I think it seems fraudulent that I cant even break even.

I submitted another ticket to them today to see if they can figure it out, but as of now I am going to say this is a scam.

It still loses money. They tell you of all the up side but they do not tell you how robot it is and that it can lose money a good amount of the time. It makes errors like buying reaper and selling low completely against forex trading rules I have ever seen. I wonder if there are any good robots out there because from the proof I have, this one certainly is not worth it. Incredible forex software that totally achieves what the human can't and almost without effort.

I have been trading with this for a while with very positive results. I purchased from Don " The Robot Trade A. A FRT years back in and used the software on demo account. After fully understanding the settings I wanted to take it live. By the way, my demo settings where good.

Some have said He has died. I'm waiting on a live hard code to take my settings to the market. I've had FRT for a month now and am cautiously optimistic. I'm trying several different settings besides the one it comes with. It has functioned better than the few others I have tried. I set it up with a 40 pip stop loss and 80 pip profit, and one week it did great and the next it lost a small amount. I just started running a test using the stock settings it comes with. I have only run this for a week and it did excellent.

Today starts the second week using the stock settings. I'm beginning to think that forex traders have several traits in common; we can be impatient, we can be dreamers, we often take things at face value, and more. Personally, I find myself to want instant success, so I should test a robot by setting it up and letting it run for a month without looking at it.

I've learned that there are no settings, no strategy, no robot that will bring amazing profits each week. Some weeks will be good, and other weeks won't. Their customer service has been excellent, always responding within two days and offering to help with any issues I have.

When I first ordered from FRT it was back in for that has ea. There email support was very slow and I didn't get a trader for several things. This July I came back into forex after a break and started using FRT's falcor along with other tools. Something has changed for the better at FRT because support now replies to me within a day, they help me troubleshoot, and even gave me custom adjusted settings. With their forex settings FALCON has posted a positive profit for about robot.

Not as amazing as their web results, but much better than the other stuff i am using. Can't attest to their other software just yet tho. I unfortunately bought the EA's from Mr. Steinitz back in thru None of them worked as stated. If Don answered back there was always an excuse. I realized he was all BS.

Apparently someone else is running the website and continuing the scam. At least no more fake reviews. This is such a scam. First off, he doesn't even respond to support emails. Just some advertising crap in LV, USA. If they actually made money why don't they have live account statements that are 3rd party reviewed. I cant even perform a remotely successful backtest on this!

Just a huge load of BS everywhere. It is not good for fully automated Trading. Reaper if i watch the trades and cancel looser Trades and Take Profit trader Trades, if the Trend Changes, so the Reaper Robot works profitable. But all reaper Promises at the Sales Site and the Statements are fakes!

They have no Money Back Guarantee. So i Recommend look at Clickbank Ea offers with a 60 day Money Back Guarantee! Unbiased Forex Broker Experts.

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forex robot trader reaper

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