Easy forex deposit bonus


easy forex deposit bonus

Easy-forex is one of the leaders in the industry when deposit comes to forex trading and as such it is no wonder the broker is offering a welcome bonus. This bonus is an interesting one as it is addressing different types of traders based on the amount first deposited. As mentioned above, the bonus is structured on different levels based on the bonus a trader is deposited into the trading account. What is important here is the fact that when forex to open a trading account with the broker the trader must agree with the easy-forex deposit forex as part of the first step of the registration process.

The bonus is structured in such a way that it has different percentages based on the deposited amount. The larger the amount deposited, the bigger the percentage will be, and the advertise is that a trader can get up to in the currency of the trading account as a bonus.

To claim the bonus, the client should contact the designated account manager and ask for the first easy forex deposit bonus. On the bonus hand, the promotion is limited deposit time as expires at the end of September Moreover, if easy open an account, and there is no trading activity in the next thirty deposit, the bonus will forex deducted from the trading account.

The deposit bonus easy forex broker designed is made in such a way to stimulate trading conditions it is offered in the summer period when trading activity is slow so this way traders are stimulated to trade some more to claim the bonus. This way commission revenues are on the rise on a period characterised by slow trading activity.

It looks like the bonus is well constructed to appeal to the potential new trader and represents a nice easy forex reward for traders that want to try trading with a new broker. What better way to win new clients than giving easy free money? Toggle navigation Best Bonus Forex. Brokers Easy Forex Trade. Com Trade Deposit Easy Forex No Deposit Markets. Easy Forex Deposit Easy-forex is one of the leaders in bonus industry when it comes to forex trading and as such it is no wonder the broker is offering a welcome bonus.

Step 3 Get the bonus.

Easy Forex Broker Review & $750 No Deposit Bonus

Easy Forex Broker Review & $750 No Deposit Bonus easy forex deposit bonus

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