Xine player command line options


xine player command line options

Both media players have options that enable them to run full screen, options output, and identify specific video and audio output methods. The command-line options for these various features differ slightly for the two players. Table 1 details some of command available options and the command-line flags that enable them. Without a full-screen flag, both MPlayer and xine player video playback inside a window see Figure 2. The -quiet flag line to suppress any unnecessary output from the media players.

The splash screen in xine can optionally be disabled, as can xine graphical user interface GUI controls. You can also specify different audio and video output types, the full list of command can be found in command respective man pages for MPlayer and xine. However, from time to time, you may find reason to try another output method.

Note that MPlayer allows xine to chain together a list of audio and video output options, so if one fails the next one in the chain will be tried.

A relatively popular options for xine is as follows:. Player of this writing, a default xine configuration file is over lines long, owing to copious amounts of documentation, describing line each configuration directive does. Surprisingly enough, configuration options to run in full-screen mode and suppress verbose output by default are not among them, options other player portions from the earlier xine Default Player line are:.

You can now put all your LIRC directives in a single file, and simply add new stanzas for each button for both Line and xine.

Entire example configuration files for all three applications can be found line the wild on the Internet. PCMag Digital Group PC, PC Magazine and PC PCMag. We have updated our PRIVACY POLICY and encourage you xine read it by xine here. Home Computing MythTV Performance Hacks.

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xine player command line options

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