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top option broker n 1

Recent developments have come to our attention: since the new update to their website, the amounts required for the different types of accounts are not displayed anymore you will have to talk to one of their representatives for exact information… but be prepared to not get that info before you open an account. They also like to keep their clients in the dark… mostly.

Update September Lately more and more clients complain about the professionalism of this brokerage. Basically, everything that a trader can complain about… Not a good sign when existing clients tell you to stay away from a broker.

OptionRally has one of the best educational materials that I ever saw in a binary broker, ranging from free videos to a comprehensive Glossary, daily and weekly market analysis and some actually good strategies. It really feels like this broker wants me to succeed, and is not just filling my head with crap. Thumbs up for that. Another good news is that OptionRally is now regulated by CySEC and they have recently updated their website appearance, making it flashier, in my opinion.

Once I opened an account, the actual trading platform became larger and all its features became visible seconds, One Touch, Option Builder and Binary Meta. Also the assets became easier to choose and overall, it felt like a professional trading environment. Again, not bad trading conditions, but not exceptional either. OptionRally differentiates the trading accounts based on the minimum deposited amount and personally I find that to be a marketing trick, luring you with a higher first deposit bonus, an e-book or a dedicated account manager if you deposit more.

Allow me to disagree. That range of first deposit is way too high for a newbie and OptionRally should know better than to recommend something option that to a beginner. On a recent visit we noticed that they have removed from their website the information about the amount required to open each type of account.

Just think about it: Client -Hey man, what is the minimum deposit for say… an Executive account? Ok, I saved the best for last. This feature is a first for me when it comes to binary brokers: candlestick charts.

Could it be that we start to see brokers actually emphasizing the importance of Technical Analysis and recognizing its advantages? That is so primitive that I had to check my calendar to make sure I am in the year But what am I doing here? At least OptionRally tries to advance a bit and that in my book is commendable.

All you get is a Forbidden message. Maybe I need a live and funded account? Update September Important developments took place recently: OptionRally phone support went offline and the company laid off up to employees, according to Finance Magnates. OptionRally representatives have stated that the company is undergoing a reorganization process and sources across the industry mentioned that the company may be looking to fully automate its operations to comply with CySEC requirements. That could be the reason for this massive lay off and the Phone Support fail… but the suspicious mind cannot help but think about worse things.

What if they are preparing to shut down their gates for good? Ah, maybe I worry too much because on the other hand, OptionRally has become broker Official Supplier for Scuderia Ferrari. This is one of the biggest partnerships in the binary options industry, so it looks like OptionRally are doing well… or maybe they fired the employees to pay for the logo on the F1 Ferrari.

Check out our Recommended Binary Options Brokers According to some complaints on the Internet, it seems like OptionRally closes accounts that show profit under the excuse of abusive trading patterns. Our OptionRally Review page is full of angry customers but some opinions also favor the brokerage so you might wanna check it out to get a feel of what people are saying about this brokerage.

If you feel you have been mistreated, contact OptionRally and if the issue is not solved, use this link to file a complaint with their regulatory agency, CySEC. Update September According to some users, OptionRally is using high-pressure tactics and are becoming a nuisance to their existing and potential customers. Other problems are withdrawal issues and price manipulation.

However, these are all allegations until proven. They also have additional, smaller bonuses for each future deposit. For more information regarding bonuses and withdrawals, refer to section 32 of their Terms and Conditions. Withdrawals are crucial for trading success and I hope you agree. Update September The Daily Market reviews are no longer updated and the features mentioned above are no longer Extras, considering that nowadays many brokers are offering them.

However, OptionRally recently introduced CFD trading and this is an Extra feature. The Spotoption platform does a good job once again and OptionRally offers a big amount of information and educational material. Almost all the things needed to create a professional trading environment are present and easy to access. On the downside, the FAQ page is very short and missing viable information.

Available in 7 languages. Update September Their FAQ section is now bigger and better, with a lot of nicely structured information. Their asset index is composed from 27 currency pairs, 2 commodities, 14 stocks, 3 indices and 1 pair Gold vs. We have to note that since our last visit, overall their asset index has decreased significantly, except for the currency pairs, which are more now than before.

The expiry times range from 60 seconds to 24 hours, weekly, monthly, yearly and with the possibility of trading One Touch Options. The support is quick to respond and polite but they try to avoid some important questions. Update September Some withdrawals may be charged a fee ranging from 3 to 25 EUR, depending on the size of the withdrawal. This does not leave you much time for education as you need to start trading immediately.

The candlestick charts are a great addition and so is the daily market analysis. Pairs trading Gold vs Silver for example would make a great Extra, but nowadays almost all brokers offer pair trading so I cannot include it in this category. Lots of educational material. Now I know why. Once you deposit they hook you with a bonus making it so you cannot withdraw. This is basically a betting website, and who can tell me who wins in the casino? And because fx bounces up and down, if you try to scope out a long forecast, the price changes, which to me says SCAM.

But to every one else, steer clear of them. If you want to trade, use a well known broker, and just trade fx, at least you can get out of a trade if it starts to go against you or hedge your trade. You could always withdraw your original deposit sum as long as you have it in your account but the bonus has to be turned over the number of times equal to the percentage of bonus on top of your original deposit.

It is like that everywhere. I am trading with them since Phixer and SportsMavin began to and never ever had any problems with anything.

All I gotta do is talk to my account manager and he makes me feel like I own optionrally — so what are you basically talking about? Optionrally is like any other binary options trading company only with better service. Or you find yourself a software that gives you signals you can use to top manually or one that trades for you on autopilot. Are you a full time trader or you do this part time?

Well, after all I read, I can only say I stopped receiving indicators, no answers to my mails and the impossibility of making the withdrawl of euros when I made a deposit of Politely I asked for explanations… zero answer!

But in the beginning all was wonderful — personal broker, daily indicators…. I experience the same at OPTION RALLY, I think they are all the same. I tried to contact them thru chat live. MY ADVICE MADE A BIG RESEARCH TO ALL THE BROKER. BEFORE DOING TRADE ALL OF THEM CAN ACCESS TO YOUR ACCOUNT AND GET THE MONEY. I like so many others have been sucked into these scammers the Finace adviser I was given Leon Bale has broker to be the most inefficient useless adviser I have ever known though not from the Company point of view.

Had I dealt in exactly the opposite way to his forecasts I would now be in the money. If enough people can get together for a multi million class action, to not only get out money back, but with interest and penalties.

Sent a wire for US dollars on Mar still has not shown in my account have asking questions and receive no reply so I do not think this place is legit and they steal your money Same thing happened to me. They want me to send them identification papers for a withdrawal on my credit card and are refusing to give me my money back.

I feel that this is not appropriate and leaves me open for identity theft. I would not recommend them to anyone. Hi, to withdraw, it is always need to send them identity to verify that you are a real person. What type of dumbass would respond in this manner?

Every broker will ask you to send a photocopy of your ID, plus a copy of the credit card you used to make your initial deposit.

You have to mask the first 12 digits of your cc number and your 3 digit number on the back of the card, photocopy both sides making sure all corners are visible! If the copy machine crops the corners, draw a rectangular line on a blank page, about 5 mil. Never quote your credit card details to anyone! I thought I had found a good trading platform after reading good reviews about optionrally but it is not what it seems.

After depositing a minimum amount my broker kept putting pressure that I needed to deposit more money in order to get more benefits. They told me that I could not withdraw a certain amount based on the deposit policy I need to continue trading more. Even though I reduced the amount to what is due to me they are just not responding to me. I really thought they were for real but now I realize my mistake they are not to be trusted. Do not ever trust these guys. They have so many glitches that simply make you lose.

I rmb doing a put and guess what the current level just sprung up by a points. The funny thing is that the expiry rate went up by a as well. This is a potential Spam I have an account at optionrally for months and have not a single complain about anything whatsoever.

You guys must be kidding. Such a bunch of losers… or may that guy up there saying you work for someone else may be right. I deposited USD first …. What is the best trading platform to use then Well i changed my mind…thank you all for seeing itas it is…. This is a potential Spam i am trading with optionrally for a while now as well as most prominent signalers and those who have been following me know very well who i am.

This is a potential Spam Anybody saying something as negative as few guys here not for real. I already had 3 withdrawals with absolutely no problem. This is a potential Spam I came here because I saw phixer commenting here, great signals mister phixer and for all their comments against optionrally…Ha Ha Ha, you must be losers. Not able to withdrew? This is a potential Spam i have a very good experience with them, my broker Sam is very patient even with my poor computer skills bianryoptionsthatsuck is making such good service and then come all those biased people who complain about ridiculous things that everyone knows that is not the truth.

I withdrew and deposited more times than I care to remember and there was not even a single problem or delay in process. The guy who complains that he deposited and never saw the money.

Are you for real expect us to believe that? Optionrally is reliable trading house which prides itself in its service. And how can you be that stupid to think someone believes such stories? I like optionrally because of the people I follow their trades — they trade there and I like to be synced to them. GL to all The advises they give are really poor.

As a newbie on the binary trading i just followed them and only one advise the first turnout to be a winner. He was offline out the time of our appointment and i lost again USD. Since i got an account i have had 5 so called different managers who seems to change at random.

Dear sir, I have created an account at optionally and i top a complete beginner and need help,so as I can manage to trade. Was never informed that you had to turnover a certain amount before you could get any money back.

When you try and withdraw nothings seems to happen. Tried to tell me that they are regulated ,I would like to know by who. Hello would warn of the broker OptionRally is impossible to draw money. From the beginning was all very confusing and nothing changing light conditions as were seeing the results of trade.

I ordered the conditions of this offer in writing and I just sent a mail attachedwhich indicates that only give me 5 risk free operations. Operate for a few days doing my 5 operations that restored lost but I returned as bonds, even told me that the bonus could never retire only served to operate.

It did not seem fair because in no time I was told this, then that is the point of risk-free. I kept running and got more benefits then requested my first withdrawal.

I canceled automatically denied bond and all withdrawals. My advice is stay away from this company only seeking your money go even farther stay away from binary options always struggles against the broker and there is no global liquidity and forex. All binary options brokers are market makers so we will always have conflicts as it benefits. Deputy screenshots requested withdrawals and transactions. THEY WILL TAKE ALL THE MONEY YOU HAVE AND EVEN IN THE ODD CHANCE YOU DO MAKE A PROFIT, THEY WONT LET YOU SEE ANY OF IT!!

You cannot withdraw anything, you have to trade untill you lose everything you have deposited on your account. I have had the same request after request to deposit more and more money from option rally. I emailed them and told them to stop sending me emils and cancel my account. I use Optionrally to trade from, and its a great tradingplatform, the people are high educated and are really good at teaching new trades like my how to get profit…. I can se that binaroptionthatsucks writ that thy not are regulated, i can tell that thy are.

I have joined 6 webinar and ever time learned alot… using bolling band, trade the calender ect. I finally got my money back about broker after I put in my withdrawal request, otherwise was a good platform. Thks I have been trying to withdraw money from optionrally for weeks. I have had multiple requests cancelled after my documents were approved so someone is simply cancelling requests.

I have tried sending emails to their account manager, support staff and even used their online chat support for help with the withdrawal and to close my account afterwards. They claim that my request will be send to the account manager and a rush will be placed on the withdrawal but no one had even bothered to contact me back. I have heard this from multiple support staff. I am thinking their accounting department is full of incompetent people.

Why should I or anyone have to wait that long to withdraw money. They claim you can withdraw at any time which is clearly not true. That was when i searched online to see reviews about the platform and i found terrible reviews. When that broker called again i told him i was going to withdraw and close the account. I not only have to wait a rediculous amount of time to get the withdrawal approved but also days for the money to get back onto my card. I wish i would have never signed up with optionrally because of their incompetence, horrible service and withdrawal problems.

Someone please help if you can I guess it is humanly natural to talk out of your own bad experiences…but at least get your facts RIGHT buddies. Winners never talk like you guys do, believe me.

The request for personal documents for verification is a standard procedure based on anti-laundering legislation. Yes — that is true you need valid photo id to withdraw funds — not clear when they very quickly take your funds tho. Same with other binary brokers… I think forex get the id before they fully open your account properly?

Funny how they are unregulated, yet they comply or seem to comply with AML regulations. Or a ruse for identity theft? I deposited 250, lost 40 and wanted to withdraw.

How dare they do this. IS there anywhere I can got to complain? I threaten to report both to the police,and my bank for fraud,and I think someone from germanbinaryrobot spoke to them,and told them to refund my money.

I made contact with CYSEC in Cyrus where optionrally is registered. Anyone not been given a refund report it to your bank as FRAUD. So after a lot of deliberation I did send it and finally got my account opened. It was scamming someones money. Most companies would be happy that they have my money sitting there but not Option Rally. They just took it and said it was fees.

Hi OPtionrally has the smoothest talkers ever. I have submitted for a withdrawal on the and till date all they do is say its being processed and contact your account manager, even though all documents are in order. Their strategy is you will loose the profit you make at some point so keep delaying the issue.

The site is good but if you expect a withdrawal from your profit I suggest you go to some other binary, if you want to keep you money with them then go ahead. I have screenshots of my profits and my conversations with the live chat and also the emails with this guy called BEN FISHER if anyone is interested. I seriously recommend DO NOT deal with these scammers. Have been trying since 27 May and still waiting…. Optionrally is a totally scam group of people. We searched the address on their web site in London, but found no location.

We are a group of friends and relatives who have dealt with these people. Money was totally stolen. No account manager are in touch with us all except for asking for more deposits. Some of our friends have successfully charged back their money. Others are still stuck. If you need more details you can contact me at. I have lost count how meany times i have tried to contact them, but they are to ignorant to reply to any of my emails. I would highly recommend to any person, do not use this company unless you wish to be ripped off, there is also a comment made by some one above, that this company is not regulated.

I have to say that I go stung tonight. I really like this company until tonight I placed 2x trades. Both trades were placed at gmt. I lost both trades. I have now spent the the last hour and a half on an online chat were I have been cut off 3 times. I did try to ring them on there Australian listed number but that just ring out.

Not sure if there is anything I can do about this other than to close my account and go elsewhere, not that they would care. I received a phone call from this company saying I had signed up with them — they had my phonemy e-mail, and who knows what else. I was unable to speak on the phone at the time and requested the rep e-mail me what he wanted to talk about.

D number is not correct 10 or 9 there for sen in tome the correct I. D NUMBER; that my account number or as you said you Email me the MTCN NUMBER can you send in to me please explain to me please help me. It is now FOUR weeks later and I have received nothing, and they are not even bothering to reply to my emails.

I have to say They are real Scam. They need to go press explanation to federal police. I hope they get caught for being unethicals. My experience with OptionRally is from a 8 months consumer. They will cheat you as they did to me. The first managers i had was amazing guys, trying to trade safely and not loose all my money. Then they came up with that annoying thing of asking for more money, asking for more money… i fell on the trap.

You see the video for yourself. So far all money invested is mine, not borrowed. Broker has called in the big gun heavy closer. On the up side the education available is very good, my broker is very helpful and the various option available are attractive, but the high pressure tactics are starting to spoil the whole experience. Dont deposit, send me your mail and i will give you chats and conversations i had with them for a month denying the withdrawal I have placed an order for withdrawl on 2 March still pending.

Sorry, but we have been with Option Rally for 4 months. Initially, my wife started with a Euro balance, and built it up to Euros. This trusted broker then made a series of what appears to be deliberate losing bets, often losing 8 to 10 trades in a row, dropping the value of the trading account to under Euros.

My wife was very upset. So, she added another, etc. He convinced her to give up her pin number again to trade on her behalf, then he made more losing trades, betting thousands of Euros at a time this time two bets he made were Euros each! So this trader deliberately made my wife lose about Euros by giving her bad betting advice!!! My wife was so upset, she wanted to stop trading, so Option Rally presented us with a new broker, who convinced her that she should recover all her losses again, if she put in another Euros, and that she would receive Euros in bonus money!!

As a special VIP trader!!! Wow, so she thought this offer was too good to refuse! Why are you giving away bonus money when you know we are losing a lot on our trades? Ok, so I got suspicious and decided to read the fine-print Legal pages on the website. It stated there that if you accept any bonus money, you cannot withdraw any of your money unless you trade 50 times the value of your bonus!

Otherwise, you cannot withdraw any money from your trading account. NO WONDER THEY DID NOT WANT TO MENTION Broker YOU COULD NOT WITHDRAW YOUR MONEY unless you meet the 50 x turnover requirement IF YOU ACCEPTED A BONUS, because these brokers knew full well, all this time, that it would be IMPOSSIBLE to trade 50 times the bonus value that they added to your account, within days once the bonus is added, therefore, MAKING IT IMPOSSIBLE TO WITHDRAW ANY MONEY AT ALL FROM YOUR TRADING ACCOUNT!

Plus, it is not real money going into your trading account anyway. The real money is the credit card money that you deposit into their account, which you will never see again!!! All this time, my wife did not know that all her 3 months of trading effort, would all amount to nothing in the end, even after carefully and loyally following the trading advice of the Option Rally brokers.

Both the Option Rally brokers were only too happy to give my wife the bonus money, knowing that if she accepted it, it would be IMPOSSIBLE for her to meet the 50 x turnover requirement necessary, to withdraw any money from her trading account.

This is downright unethical, deceptive and unfair! Nothing but robbery, by hiding the conditions of accepting a bonus, because nobody would want to accept bonus money if it meant they would never be allowed to withdraw their money again!!

Therefore, avoid Option Rally if you can. They are a scam organization, and their brokers are very deceptive, cold-blooded liars and thieves, in my honest opinion!!! These people at Option Rally should all go to jail for knowingly pressuring my wife into accepting the bonus money, because she desperately wanted to recover all her lost money from all the losing trades they had given her.

WARNING: Do not trust brokers who refuse to give you a printed contract explaining all the rules of accepting bonus money, and how it affects your ability to withdraw money from your account. They will not even let you withdraw any money that you deposited into such a bonus account!! Basically, Option Rally wants to give you bonus play or trading money, to make it impossible for you to withdraw your own money from your trading account.

We have had nothing but bad experiences with Option Rally. Please spread the word!!!! Optionrally never paid me and never responded to my withdrawal request. It is actually my own money that deposited already, but they neither pay me nor respond to my emails to tell why. In 2 session I had online chat and when it reached to legality of optionrally the customer service operator ended up the chat.

Be ware of them, They get your money and never let you withdraw. But he still persists, email me and keeps on calling me. HI I have to put out at your attenton my experience with they called themselves optionrally binary platform.

I have deposited usd with optionrally as advised by autobinary signals roger pierce and i am a member with them. I have used this account to follow automatically prosignals with roger pierce; but the eighy percent lost with this person my balance drop down till ;at then i stopped to trade using prosignals- autobinary signals but after 02 months i checked my account with optionrally i discovered that my balance is equal to usd.

I contacted optionrally for more explication about taking the remaining usd in my account but unfortunally they did not care to answear me;until now no response. I asked them not for the refund but for did not give notice about burning my account to cost nothing. My conclusion is ;this binary platform called optionrally dot not respect its customers and violate the human rights as implemented in all the wordwide conventions;any human being has the right to be informed about his case as example his account.

I am upset bacause they take from my account usd without noticed me about this operation and they did not respect me as one of their customers and also in my quality being a human being. I have decided to write this brief review not to give a verdict sentence concerning optionrally but to let people know one more information and they are the unique representent to give a judgement about optionrally.

Thank you kenana when one of their telesales is promoting their services. You say optionrally is regulated by CySec yet they do not respond to emails or calls either so thats why many scam platforms go there. They are registered under a different name and not optionrally so that should be made clear in your review! After reading these comments I will not be setting and funding a new account as I was just about to do.

Thanks for the advice!! Its a BIG scum. Nobody answer when I wanted to know what is going on. Not even manager call him self Nicholas Bailey. After making the desposit and after clarifying with the dude on the phone that should I wish to make a withdrawl this would be entirley possible and that my doccuments have been verified no problem I decided to make a withdrawl. And this is where it gets funny — I was planning to invest much more and had several friends that were interested in this too but I just wanted to make sure they were legit.

And they are not, I have received several emails saying they will proces within 48hours but no return of my deposit. They just put you on loop if you refuse to earn money for them, clever scam — just avoid it, you will loose your money. I REPEAT, unless you want to loose your money do not invest in this poxy scam company. I am just glad that I didint get more sucked in and waste time betting to earn a rediculous amount of money that I would ultimitley not be able to withdraw.

I can tell you straight in the eyes that you can deal with OptionRally without any hassle. You register an account, validate it through your email, deposit at least the minimum amount required or if you want an exclusive account go for it, if you want to earn more profit in a short span of time.

Expect a phone call in less than 48 hours to meet your account manager who will surely assist you all the way.

Why would a broker try to crosscut another broker from another Company? I do not want to give a name but I will do so if pressed. From all reports ,it does seem that there is a lot of work for everybody to be kept busy. I feel that as a new person entering the market that person should not be lied to,but truth should be told.

My experience with Option Rally is a bad one. I read their Terms about withdrawal conditions and I thought that it was OK. To have an account manager I put But things showed to be not so nice and many problems occurred in a short time. He sent me emails with informations about assets for daily trading. Later I got the information that he had to leave due to his bad work. I felt I was a trial hare. Than a new account manager called me but he wanted me to put another money to reach again I decided to ask for withdrawal on I received a formal email in which they informed me that my request will being process within 48 hour.

But my request is still only pending. I sent many emails to their support, compliance and withdrawal department.

I am not satisfied with their platform. Each time I opened it there was a warning that there is some error. After I noticed that, I chacked immediately after opening trade the Strike Rate in the history and there were differences. For instance Strate Rate was several points over the top of the chart. Once I put down Strake price from approval pop windows. At expiration time I thought I Won, but in the history was Los and when I compare Strake prices there was a difference. I immediately opened a chat but their answer was evasive.

To me its a big fraud. The company sweet-talked me into investing 1,100 USD and they claimed they gave me a bonus of USD. Then a profit of 3,300 USD was recorded. I requested for withdrawal of USD but they turned it down and sent one Jenifer Fox to fritter away the profit with mindlessly wicked investment move I think she did it deliberately.

Rather than grant my request for withdrawal, the same Fox called again and really wanted me to empty my my life savings into their company in the name of investment. That company is made up of big time rouges who have conspired to deprive innocent citizens of their hard earned money. I have refused to have anything to do with that fraud called option rally and I have handed them over to God who will surely do the battle for me. Let us wait and see what happens. In the beginning I was getting the hang of it, winning more then I was losing so they just automatically blocked me from trading.

I have also left a message a few time for my broker to option me, still waiting 3 months later Thy Make it sound so good.

What a lode of bull. I JUST WANT TO KNOW WHY MUST I STRUGGLE TO GET MY MONEY REVERSED BECAUSE I NEVER USED THE ACCOUNT AND I HAVE SUBMITTED A WITHDRAWALL REQUEST 2 WEEKS AGO IM REALLY PISSED WHERE CAN I LODGE MY COMPLAIN post your complaints in forxpeacearmy site and most probably the broker will respond because option officers there will try to contact them.

Then I had a great experience with a broker named Anna Patrovsky. I talked to her about my concerns and she suggested I deposit a smaller amount of money and build up slowly so I decided to try them. I already have successfully withdrawn some of my balance.

Basically i am really disappointed with Option Rally, I advised the Broker not too take funds out my Credit Card, Behind my back she organised a line of Credit. She advised me off trades all lost. I then found two days later she had taken funds out of my Credit Card putting it well over its limit, so I also have a dispute with that Bank. I have had no reply or explanation from anyone else. Telling me the more I deposited the more trades can be made and therefore the more profit.

Things were going well, profit was being made so I wanted to withdraw. No sooner had I try to make a deposit with no luck but within 2weeks my broker placed trades and lost the rest of my money.

I have not had any answers to emails. No replies on Skype and no one can tell me where my broker is. So my advice is stay well away. They lure you with all this bullshit talk build your trust then go in for the kill and bleed you dry. I lost a considerable amoun of money and have not heard a word from them since.

I have bad experience with the above broker. They adjust the valuve to make you lose and l recently found out they make the expiry rate read and later they make value to support the lose of thetrade.

I realy aadvice you to stay away from this broker. They do not even care to reply the email when l requested a prove to what is happening. I do not get any support but only once been called asking me to deposit more else l will not get any training or recommendation and even when convened them to at least send one recommendation a week or a day they pass to me wrong recommendations to make me lose.

I will say please stay away from this broker. I have submitted all the required documents in order to get refunded,I have asked to be contacted by the account manager,but,no response? All the documents has been approved by option rally,but,still no money has been transfered? Guys, please, help me to share this video, it is my personal experience with OptionRally.

They contacted me on the 10th of November and we spoke and spoke and wanted to see if they are fraudulent or not. Not a lot of people have a lot of money here.

THIS MEANS 10 MILLION PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IF we had 10 million people rich because of OptionRally, there were only proches on the streets. She pushed me to : LOAN, ask family, do anything just to deposit. THAT is really UNPROFFESSIONAL!!!! SO Who does that?

You need to note that i DID NOT have the money at the time and DID NOT want to LOAN or ASK FAMILY for them. For me this is despicable. Hello We are well aware that some brokers are not on their best sales conduit and bother clients like you with endless phone calls or even emails. Option rally really sucks! Then i lost all kind of possibility to trade there, is similar to scam because also you can withdraw money.

Optionrally option cancelling my withdrawal requests, their support are not professional, arrogant,and close every avenue. Daniel, their expert analyst, rang me and said that my trader had approved some unlosable trades.

It had to be a scam. From my account to theirs. Give them a big miss. Same applies to me Peter. My account manager is norwhere to be found. Their call center agents are the worse people you can deal with, they dont know a single thing Same here Peter although not to the same extent.

At times, I would be better to go against their advice. I just joined option rally with initially USD250 but then after the broker pursuaded me, I top up USD The initial plan was to use the money for trading and my being a new here I was guessing trading stocks. But then the broker said I have potential to make money in binary.

She is suggesting to put top money like USD 100k, which is too risky for me to take. Does anyone think I should just let my money to use for stock trading or should I put more money for binary? If you have deposited money then file for a credit card dispute at your bank and try and recover your money. It is called a charge back.

Binary options are tricky with regards to getting the direction right in a specified time frame. In other words you have to bet on the direction but short term fluctuations in prices can make this impossible to predict. That said, you are honestly better off doing stock trading. In fact my advice would actually be to not trade at all. Secure your investments with a reputable firm in your country and invest via collective investment schemes.

I wish I could have started with another broker. He lost the 11k in one broker. Unfortunately this binary options industry is very shady. Even regulated brokers are sometimes scams google interactive options scam to find out more. My advice is this: if you deposited via credit card to this scam broker IMMEDIATELY contact your credit card and file a dispute of any deposit charges-get your money back!

It is called a credit-card charge back where you can actually recover your money. However take screenshots of your accounts and copies of where you tried to contact the broker without success. Many of us have fallen for binary options scams, I was a victim too, but because of another broker. I recovered my deposits and today I have blocked all their phone numbers and emails. Now OptionRally reached me to make an agreement. Please trust me in this, find some other brokers for trading.

I am planning to sue them. I would like your full cooperation on this. Thank you very much. We all ha ve been in that situation. They call you for you to invest more money. Then when its time to withdraw. They hold your money for months. I have been waiting my money for months now. And this is getting out of hand. I see that there are a lot of people who is having this problem. So if you would like to cooperate please comment on this tread. I wanted to ask is there an updated review on this broker?

I just signed up with them and had a very good experience, good support and sounds like a good broker. I tried it 6 months ago. And they asked me to put some more. I told them that I will not put anymore nor waste any more money in this. I asked for my money to be returned but until now, I have not received anything from them not even a call from the financial department that they are saying. I really needed the money urgently.

Well, give me an update if ever you had a good experience or a bad one. I already contacted my lawyer concerning this matter. If it does not get resolved I will be forced to get it to the higher authority concerning this matter.

I deposited easily, opened some trades on my own, got a very friendly account manager to chat with me and build my portfolio strategy he also gave me some cool tips.

Yes, my guy tried to convince me to keep the money in the game and re-invest it, but i needed it for different purposes and once i insisted he released it immediately. So overall, my experience with optionrally is pretty good.

Maybe you are not using the same optionrally? Who is your account manager? Maybe I can ask for his assistance to help me withdraw my deposit. You see, my account manager, Mr.

Bobby Conlay is no longer with the Company. Account Manager took over his place. When I started trading, I specifically told Mr. Conlay, no bonus He maxed my credit card top a sure profit trades and gave me a bonus in the guise of profit and then he disappeared on a promotion in Europe I was unaware of the bonus until another broker wanted to do trades for me Mr.

Ticked him off for being unprofessional and lying to me but promised me that by the end of the month not only will I get my deposit back but make money as well. When I asked him on the turnover I have to reached, he said 96K 3,200 bonus. We did some trades and then he was no longer with the Company.

Mr Benjamin took over and ask me to deposit to make a total of 41K for some premium trades. At that point of time, I have about 35K in my account. I said no, just trade whatever I have in my account. We traded, and in just 15 minutes, lost 6K!. But by this time, I have reached a turnover of 97K.

So I applied for withdrawal but everytime cancelled by Account Manager. I cannot continue to trade with unethical and dishonest people. Emails to their support and compliance dept drew blanks.

I would like to share my private experience with Optionrally. I enjoyed very much this experience, they gave me the best service I could ever ask. I loved trading mostly because they thought me so well to be well experienced. I think they are a scam or very desperate for people i was contacted by a very aggressive man by the name Micheal Gold, who started saying i am not a man for not joining optionrally.

I eventually decided not to join as this guy was the real bully of bullies. I was talked into opening an account and I have been robbed!! They took over the account of 2,500 dollars and took all my money! I found the account managers very aggressive and always asking for further deposits to enhance my trading success.

Full of promises but could not deliver. Be advised account managers earn commissions on all your winning trades so that means they will see a profit even if you do not. When I tried to use my own trading strategy I was criticised and pushed to follow the account managers trade advice. Overall not a good experience with Option Rally. They may be one of the biggest Binary Option traders out there but do not bank on receiving good service or performance.

You are not in control of your money if you have an account manager and I could not find a way in which I could opt out of having one. Even after I closed my account Option Rally kept calling me. The trading paltform is on line and good however there are better ones out there.

I did not take advantage of the bonus offer which would have double my account however conditions apply and after looking into this decided this was not a good option. I told him so it is 100,000 dollars and he said yes. Wrong, because they let me achieve to 50,000 and they said to put into various stocks. Now they are asking me to put 10,000 in my account to start again to achieve the 100,000 dollars.

I hope you get the lesson that they are scams, if you want trusted website go to top option. I agree, I too deposited a small amount and talked into putting more in. I was made redundant so asked for a withdrawal which they replied would take 3 to 7 business days. After 16 business days had to write to financial ombudsman in Cyprus and complain.

Still have no monies returned to me, STAY WELL CLEAR OF THIS SITE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I joined but after the agent was coming across like a bully I decided to request a refund I never traded anything. They told me I will receive a refund in seven business days that was since April 23, to date, I have not received my money and they are not responding to my emails.

Actually I have submit 2 withdrawal requests one in January this year and the other last month none of them option been processed yet every time they told me some thing unrealistic. Last reason the support line informed me to contact my account manager. Unfortunately, he never called me eve though she was calling me daily to deposit my funds but now no one called me. In the other hand I keep sending emails to every one in optionrally company no replay. I wonder slid anybody have similar to my case.

My broker Alex Carter said that could not be closed down unless I did it. Help not forthcoming from their side to do it. Night after night of no contact. I kept up emails to ask them to close my account. Eventually received email from broker Alex saying they kept going to his spam folder so he did not open them often.

He did not like my tone which was becoming urgent from frustration and expressed that in his email. I have emails still in my sent emails. I kept asking for my account to be closed. Eventually, told they closed it and sent money back to my account. It took several more emails until this was actually done. Always told:spam folder and no indication of amount.

The off handed lack of apology type closure when initially big statements re being trained, successes, and having my requests to close account ignored; a huge disappointment.

Ironic that when finally that small amount left from my very limited funds…thay could close the account. It may appear small amounts, but I am looking into legal advice and possibly any relevant media exposure.

A basic disregard of ethics was my experience, so far. I hope they rectify this situation. Exactly the same stories. They are not to be recommend to anybody. Ferrari should be ashamed to have their name on their sports cars as a sponsor. Vincent Delgado is a lying, theiving, broker at option rally. Although I was reluctant. Finally I lost from the trade. These people call me every day.

I have no interest in them. I have complained through their top and they have ignored me. I have told every single operator who calls never to call again, and they continue to call and to talk over me. What does it take to get rid of these nuisance callers. A warning on the net suggests the binary platform can be manipulated to lose. I have strong suspicions about who runs Option Rally and I am following that info. I would like to open an internet site just for complaints about Option Rally.

If you would like to help me please contact me by email. I have proof against this company in the form of Skype messages and information downloaded from the trading platform. I will never stop until they return my money.

Day one here, opened with and did 30 minutes and closed at 374!! They are gone no replies no mails no noting. They trade your profit until there is nothing. I would say be very careful were you put your hard earn cash.

Have emailed many times and no answer. I think they are not deserving of your hard earned money. Check out the following Searching for a Trusted Broker? However, we do appreciate a high level of discussion; therefore, in order to maintain honest and gentle discourse, please keep the following criteria in mind when adding a comment Use Standard Writing Skills and Style.

Mind your text and style Enrich and Respect the Conversion. We all want to hear what you have to say. Honesty speaks for itself. We would also like to stress out that personal accusation against brokers or individuals without any proves or document to prove any illegal act might be ascribed as illegal act for itself and therefore attract legal measures.

Binary Options That Suck Home About As Our Writers Disclaimer Sitemap Contact US Please be noted that all information provided by Binary Options that Suck are based on our experience and do not mean to offend or accuse any broker with illegal matters. The words Suck, Scam, etc are based on the fact that these articles are written in a satirical and exaggerated form and therefore sometimes disconnected from reality.

All information should be revised closely by readers and to be judged privately by each person queries seconds OptionRally Overview Read Users Reviews.

Million Dollar Traders (Full Series 1 of 3)

Million Dollar Traders (Full Series 1 of 3)

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