Practical options trading 101


practical options trading 101

For people who are new or have some experience in stock trading in the Singapore market. This is a basic to intermediate level course but trading assumes that participants have no prior knowledge of Stock Trading.

What will you learn: You will learn how to trade stocks by applying consistent methodology, risk management, money management and understanding what is your trading psychology. You will learn to anticipate future price movements using chart patterns and learn how to apply a Simple Trading System STS to analyse stock.

With Trading Analysis, you will learn the basic of economics that affect the stock prices and indices. You will understand why stocks start to move during each Quarterly Earnings cycle. You will learn the basics of some common economic indicators and financial ratios. People who want to start trading on the SGX, USA and HKSE. People who want to improve options stock trading skills using Charst and CFDs. People who want to learn how to search for good stock information on the SGX website.

People who want to improve their stock selection using Fundamental Analysis. Indicators and Oscillators Simple Trading System STS Risk Management Orders To Automate Your Trade. He had been trading stock for the last 15 years and had accumulated a lot of stock trading experience. Besides trading Singapore stock, he also trade Trading Market, HK Market, Indices and Practical trading. He is practical swing trader and also an investor where he scouts for good fundamental stock to invest.

His swing trading technique is based on technical analysis using tool such as chart patterns, candlestick patterns, practical and resistance, indicators and moving averages. He had created 101 Simple Trading System STS which make it easy for trader to follow in the stock markets.

He always believes that to be a good trader, a trader must spend a minimum of 10,hrs in doing technical analysis using charts. Over the years, Dave has attended numerous courses, 101 the SIMEX Floor Trader Qualification Program, Index and Forex Future Trading Program, CQ smartrade [Singapore Stock] Trading Program, US options and Options Trading programs. He is also part of the member of the Technical Analysis Society of Singapore TASS and also a member of Association for Financial And Commodity Traders [Singapore] AFACT.

Dave has a great passion to share his trading experiences with new traders and help them to understand the options and trade better. Find more like this. Our content is added by our users. We aim to remove reported files within 1 working day. Please use this link to notify us:. Report this file as copyright or inappropriate. Beginner to Intermediate Format: May 3,Page 1 www. May 3,Page 2 www. Dave Chang has spent over 10 years trading Singapore Stocks, CFDs, Futures and US Options.

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practical options trading 101

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