Covered call options scottrade


covered call options scottrade

It is written for the average person, The Blue Collar Investor. My wife and I recently purchased both of your books. They are clearly written and the examples are easy to understand as we have learned a lot of new information. I want to thank you also for the incredibly good lists and articles that you and your team are putting together. I have learned so much from reading your articles and studying the weekly lists that I am feeling far more confident that I can invest much more wisely.

Posted on June 17, by Alan Ellman in Covered Call Exit StrategiesExit Strategies scottrade, Investment BasicsOption Trading BasicsOptions CalculationsStock InvestingStock Option Strategies.

Never sell a covered call option or cash-secured put if there is an earnings report due out prior to contract expiration. This is one of the golden rules of the BCI methodology. We know that a report that disappoints generally did not meet market consensus regarding sales, earnings or both. Posted on June 10, by Alan Ellman in Covered Call Exit StrategiesExit StrategiesInvestment BasicsOption Trading BasicsOptions ScottradeStock Option Strategies.

Posted on June 7, by Alan Ellman in Ask AlanCovered Call Exit StrategiesExchange-Traded Funds. Alan answers a question posed by Roni, who asks: Now NFLX is trading at Would you unwind and make Or call 3 weeks call probably make To send us an email, contact us here.

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The Blue Collar Investor Learn how to invest by selling stock options. Covered Calls Beginners Corner — Cash-Secured Puts The Blue Hour The Blue Hour For Premium Members. Learn how to invest by covered stock options. Alan Ellman guides us through his system of options trading so you too can become CEO Of Your Own Money. From "How To Buy A Stock? Learn The Ropes Are you ready to learn about stock options and how to become CEO of covered own money?

Become an Expert Learn more about what we offer covered become an expert in Alan's system of selling covered calls. Scottrade Our Clients Say. About BCI The Blue Collar Investor was NOT a brilliant idea of mine…. I was a frustrated blue collar investor just like you. Connect With Us To send us options email, contact us here. Additionally you can also find us on any of the social networks below:

covered call options scottrade

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