Ak folding stock options


ak folding stock options

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Confirm Action Are you sure you wish to do this? Click Here to Register. Log In A valid email is required. AR AK Handgun Precision Rifles Armory Training General Outdoors Archery Hometown Industry Equipment Exchange Archives. HighCom Security Ballistic Shield Giveaway! I have been looking for a Arsenal SLR Ak for a while but as the price rises on these where I cant justify buying one just for the side folding option, I was looking to put a side folding stock on one of my other AK's.

I have atried the romy wire side folder and im not that impressed with it. I was wondering if you guys that have other side folding stocks could recommend me some other options such as ACE or??

A few here have them with the wire stock paracorded for comfort. Originally Posted By Black-Tiger: Check out the post by" FAC" of the decked out AK He reviews 2 folders from the Mako Group made for the Israelli Military!! They are both rock solid performers! I bought the poly one which is Nato length and is very solid!!! Mine sold for I options the VZ side folding stock. Simple, rugged and a great design.

Originally Posted By Aeromat In the kingdom of the blind, the one-eyed man is king. Good judgement comes from experience, and a lot of that comes from bad judgement. Originally Posted By Liquidmetal: Originally Posted By haLfLiFe: For a non traditional look, the ACE folding stocks are REALLY good quality Originally Posted By rcbif: Hi, I'm new on this board.

I came across your pic on ar I'm in the market to purchase a Romanian push button folding side stock. If interested please let me know. E German, but the ergonomics are vastly superior. Originally Posted By Dawg I'm actually thinking about picking up an ACE folder for one of my Bulgy '74's.

Originally Posted By crashlanding: I just added the ACE. The hinge is Sturmwerks, the rest is Ace. I'm lazy so I cut and pasted this from my post in the Romy forum.

Here are the side and top views, including folded. I goobered the receiver a bit on right side. Apparently the tape options the paint with it when I pulled it off. I'll be touching that up. All things considered not that hard. Having the right tools is stock. The options problem was finding a way to hold it that I could see what I was doing without shooting sparks in my eyes.

Was looking into that as an option for my Bulgarian AK before I came across options Beryl Polish Side Folder in this thread. Beryl stock looks cleaner and the stock reviews are influencing me to go that way; not to mention its cheaper IF one can be found. From what Folding understand these work they just add something like an inch and a half to the LOP.

Not my cup of tea because I prefer Warsaw length. There is no stain on Soviet wood. Ain't no changes in the weather, ain't no changes in me -J. Cale "Any pirate stabbing is a good pirate stabbing" - USMC I folding like to see more photos too I ordered the Ace parts from Midway. I ordered a 7. What you guys think keep it ot go for the 7. I like the length of pull like the romy metal side folders the best I would keep the stock short.

I do not like the NATO length stocks. I have a Mako side folder that I cut down and it stock now the same length as the typical Warsaw length stock. I started by removing about an inch in the middle of the stock and repinned it back into the hinge piece.

I later cut off the molding for the rubber butt pad. The stock is still comfortable to use without the rubber folding. I also needed to use a small washer as a shim between the stock and the rear trunion as the stock options to bend upward. I plan to install a better looking shim later. Although the stock is secured by only one screw it feels pretty solid with good lockup. It is much more folding than an ACE stock I had before and I like the adjustable cheekpiece.

Want a folder, but stock don't want to mod your AK? Get the Romanian wire or Polish Beryl folding stocks. However, If you don't mind cutting off the rear trunnion stock tang, ACE got some blocks, hinges and stocks. That's what I did. Originally Posted By BillythePoet: Originally Posted By dskeet: Originally Posted By collegeboy: AR AK Handgun Precision Rifles Armory Training General Outdoors Archery Hometown Industry.

Newsletter Subscribe to our monthly Newsletter to receive firearm news, product discounts from your favorite Industry Partners, and more. Advertising Information Team Memberships Join the NRA Discussion Forums Help Privacy Policy DMCA About Us. Might pick one up in the future.

It works much better now. I like it a lot better than an ACE folding stock. I also had the Romanian stock but this is much better. It also works great with the adjutable cheekrest to use with a scope. So, i guess nobody has the answer to this?

Is there a way to mount this to an ak with standard rear trunnion? For sure, where there is the will then there is stock way. Got one on my SAR3 now. One other thing, in the closed position, it's difficult to flip the selector lever in the fire position.

This one is sitting on a Bulgarian 74 build. I could be mistaken. Slips in the tang just like a regular stock. Finslayer83 There is no stain on Soviet wood. Anyone else have pics of theirs installed? What is the going rate for a smith to do the install? Do the VZ58 stocks fit AKs without modification?

Saiga SGL AK-105 Legion USA Folding Stock Conversion - SGL 32-94

Saiga SGL AK-105 Legion USA Folding Stock Conversion - SGL 32-94

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