Tennis trading strategies betfair


tennis trading strategies betfair

I aim to have profit on trading players before the match ends. Then I don't CARE who wins! LESS RISK than betting. My Trading Guide includes the strategy I use the most every day!

Daily Trading Advice email FREE for 5 days. Full time trader as your mentor for life. Info on players's and their characteristics. Betfair is similar to a bookmaker except that as well as backing a player to win you can also lay them to lose. This feature allows us to have a profit on BOTH players before the end of the match and we don't care who wins! MY TRADING GUIDE WILL SHOW YOU HOW! I would highly recommend this course. The Guide is aimed at new traders or existing traders who are new to tennis trading.

New traders need their money for a trading bank so I keep the membership price low. I also made a promise in that I would not increase the price. I'll be honest I sometimes wish I hadn't made that promise but I did! I don't go back on my word. The content of the Guide has increased a great deal since those early days and will continue to grow. You get the updates as they are added. Note that with the lifetime support I have mentored people from beginner to full time traders.

If you want a service that takes you through those tough early learning tennis and doesn't think that any of your questions are stupid ones then this is where you need to be! I don't just sell you a Guide and I won't try to "blind you with science". Other services will try to trick you with fancy words and "magical" statistics. Trading tennis is about common sense and hard work. I work with you for as long as you need to develop your trading. There is also a Skype chatroom which many people find useful as we have a good mix of new guys and a few new gals!

It is a very friendly group who all try to help each other with tips and ideas. If you have any questions please email me at tradesharktennis gmail. A great introduction to tennis trading. Paul is always ready to answer queries or questions and give advice. Tennis is ideal for trading. Matches can change direction very quickly and we can learn to take advantage of this.

Betfair tennis season lasts about 11 months of the year with the off-season being throughout December. Every week there is at least 1 tournament from either the ATP Tour Men or the WTP Tour women. ALL ATP and WTP matches are In Play markets on Betfair. This betfair you can place back and lay bets during the game. The best way I have found to do this is to break trading down into simple strategies.

Ever helpful and offers a great service for the members, especially strategies the cheap lifetime membership price! The Tennis Trading Guide contains: Email me if you want a summary of a particular match. All the information is delivered to you as a website. Totally recommended" - Laurence Coleman. To learn all the information that you get in my Trading Guide by trial and error will take you years. In betfair it can become a worthwhile second income and maybe more.

The green figure under each player's name strategies the profit if that player wins the match. There was not a question I could not ask him and not one of them was left unanswered. I will always be grateful for his patience and advice.

He showed me what tennis trading was really all about. The experience and knowledge I acquired during long sessions in his chatroom are unparalleled! Screenshot from The Geeks Toy trading application. Included tennis my guide are two excitingly simple strategies that a beginner can use pretty much straight away. In these strategies I give you the exact point at which to enter a trade and the exact point to exit the trade. Also I have taken any decisions away from the novice trader with very basic, easy to follow instructions on strategies to do if the trade doesn't work the way we wanted.

By following my very simple rules the risk to your trading bank is kept very small. I have tennis these strategies to many novice tennis traders and they have all loved them! With each strategy I have included a video of me using the strategy so you can see how it works. Strategies in the guide is a step by step account of how I manage this exact situation. Please be aware that I provide you with the information and strategies that you need to profit strategies from tennis trading.

However you will need to put some work in yourself. This isn't a magic wand get rich quick system. To make good money consistently will take time and practice. To speed up that learning process you should make use of our free Skype Chatroom, especially during matches. I have laid betfair strict but basic rules that the experienced traders must help new traders.

As a result we have a very friendly community with a good mix of new and experienced traders who are all willing to help. In addition to the strategies and tutorial videos you will gain access to my advice and mentoring for life. My background was heavily training based so I know how people learn and can find a way to explain things to suit just about anyone. You can email me directly to request an overview or advice on an upcoming match.

I will respond to all emails personally. You can also email me with any questions about Betfair trading in general. The chat room alone is worth the lifetime subscription with its wealth of experienced tennis traders always on hand to offer help and advice to beginners, but this service offers much more than that with videos and strategies that will set you trading on, or keep you on the right track.

You can tennis all of this for a one off payment of just. Click on the first payment option below for access to the Tennis Trading Guide which includes a strategy suitable for novice traders! EU CUSTOMERS PLEASE SCROLL DOWN FOR YOUR PAYMENT LINK. Please note after payment I will receive a notification email and once I have checked your payment you will be emailed a link to register a username. Please let me know your trading and I will give you access to the members only pages which contain the Trading Guide.

Email your username to tradesharktennis gmail. This happens trading for gmail accounts. I make trading reasonable effort to send the link as soon as possible and it will be very unusual if you don't receive it very quickly after payment.

ONLY UK and NON EU customers can use this payment link. ANY PAYMENT FROM AN EU COUNTRY WILL BE REFUNDED AND AN EMAIL SENT DIRECTING THEM TO THE CLICKBANK PAYMENT BUTTON. Customers from EU countries MUST use the Clickbank payment link below. After payment by Clickbank you will be sent an email with a link to the Thankyou page where you will find a link to register a username. Please email me with that username so I can give you access to the Members pages and Trading Guide.

Anyone abusing the Clickbank refund procedure will be reported to Clickbank with a view to getting the abuser banned from being able to purchase via Clickbank in the future. I have already been successful with this. Please email me at tradesharktennis gmail. Refunds will not be given unless the service has been given a fair chance. If anything in the Guide needs further explanation betfair please email me so I can help you to get the most from your membership.

You are getting exceptional value for money. LESS RISK than betting My Trading Guide includes the strategy I use the most every day! Daily Trading Advice email Tennis for 5 days Questions? Email me if you want a summary of a particular match - Unlimited email support and advice FOR LIFE!

EU CUSTOMERS PLEASE SCROLL DOWN FOR YOUR PAYMENT LINK Please note after payment I will receive a notification email and once I have checked your payment you will be emailed a link to register a username.


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