Forex rigging


forex rigging

US Department of Justice DOJ officials will interview a group of current or former HSBC employees, along with other City bankers, as part of their criminal investigation into foreign exchange market Forex manipulation, inside sources told Reuters on Tuesday. The American body is currently investigating whether banks colluded to alter Forex rates and bolster their profits in the process. Such a maneuver is a violation of American rigging UK fraud and anti-trust laws. Prosecutors rigging also investigating whether traders deliberately misled their clients.

US authorities are expected to charge guilty banks and individuals in the aftermath of the investigation. But culpable banks will most likely resolve forex charges through guilty pleas or deferred prosecution agreements, rather than outright litigation.

Reflecting on US authorities' plans to probe and potentially prosecute City traders, HSBC whistleblower and financial activist Nicholas Wilson says it is forex that UK authorities will be so proactive. HSBC is being prosecuted for fraud by Belgium and France, and US authorities are preparing for prosecutions. But such prosecutions are extremely unlikely in Britain, Wilson argues. He warns that a stagnant financial system beleaguered by lax regulation, poor in-house compliance in banks, cronyism, and impunity is a direct impediment to sentencing rogue bankers in the UK.

The fines were implemented by American, Swiss, and British authorities. Following the civil settlement, the banks condemned the actions of their employees. Over 30 traders were rigging or suspended.

Stricter in-house regulation of employee chat forums were also introduced, along with automated trading systems. The SFO launched its criminal probe into allegations of fraud regarding the foreign exchange market in July, and claims individuals could be charged in Forex Benjamin of ethical finance group Move Your Money believes the prosecution of UK bankers in the wake of the Forex scandal is unlikely.

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US prosecutors are set rigging travel to London in the forthcoming weeks to probe City traders about currency market manipulation. However, British prosecutors are yet forex file a criminal charge against UK financiers who rigged the rates.

forex rigging

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