Forex bureaus in uganda


forex bureaus in uganda

Bills and Bonds Issuance Calendar. Major Foreign Exchange Rates. COMESA Foreign Exchange Rates. Rediscount and Bank Rates. Invitation to Tender Treasury Bills. Invitation to Tender Govt Bonds. Tbills and Tbonds Forms. Rules Governing the Forex and the Forex window. Ministry of Finance Planning forex Economic Bureaus.

Financial Markets Bills and Bonds Issuance Calendar. Bank of Uganda Act. Micro Deposit Taking Institutions Act. Financial Institutions Licensing Regulations. Financial Bureaus Credit Reference Bureaus. Microfinance Deposit Taking Institutions Regulations. Foreign Exchange Forex Bureaux and Money Remitters Regulations. Financial Institutions Uganda of Minimum Capital Requirements Instrument.

Financial Consumer Protection Guidelines. The Financial Institutions Foreign Exchange Business Amendment Rules, Financial Institutions Amendment Act, Other Financial Institution Regulations.

FINANCIAL MARKETS Major Foreign Exchange Rates Uganda Foreign Exchange Rates are published on business days. However, these rates uganda differ due to changing market conditions and the amount of transaction.

forex bureaus in uganda

Banks given more time to comply with anti-money laundering regulations

Banks given more time to comply with anti-money laundering regulations

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