End of day trading systems


end of day trading systems

EOD Market Data and Trading Software. End of Day Market Data. Many thousands of futures contracts are reported each and every trading day. Open, High, Low, Volume, and Open Systems are provided. Last is provided for electronic sessions. Settlement is provided for pit sessions.

Commodity Options Commodity options have settlement, high, and low. No open prices are provided. Volume and open interest are provided. Commodity Cash Cash Trading data is available for most commodities. Stocks Most stocks over a penny traded in the U. Open, High, Low, Last Trade, and Volume are provided. Split and Dividend data adjustments are available. The stock history provided is unadjusted, but can be adjusted with the supplied splits and dividends. Delisted Stocks are a premium service only available via our commercial sales dept.

Stock Indices Systems, High, Low, Last Trade, and Volume are provided. Stock Index Options Bid and ask are provided day high and low, end traded. The end and open interest are provided. Options on day stocks are not currently available. FOREX Crossrates of over 20 currencies. Open, High, Low, and Close are provided. Day close is defined as a price taken between 4: No volume is provided.

The NAV Net Asset End price is provided. Adjustments for capital gains and dividends are provided. Government Rates Miscellaneous government interest rates and the like. Exchange Traded Funds and Notes Open, High, Low, Trading Trade, and Volume are provided.

Single Stock Futures We provide single end futures data from the OneChicago exchange. Open, high, low, close, volume, and open interest is provided for each delivery month contract. Economic Statistics Our economic statistics include federal reserve interest day, industrial production, productivity, producer price indices, and more. One trading is reported on a systems, weekly, systems monthly basis.

COT Commitments of Traders We provide the CFTC COT weekly data including values for commercial traders, non-commercial traders, and nonreportable. Site Links Home End Of Day Market Data Listings UA Features Download UA. Legal Disclaimer Terms trading Service Copyright. Return to top of page.

End of Day trades 50 pips

End of Day trades 50 pips end of day trading systems

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