No forex fee credit card


no forex fee credit card

My mind is so blown from what you have just typed. Your conversion knowlege on what's said above makes me realize how much you have researched, experienced, and absorbed throughout the years. Oh dear lordy, this would be useful for forex foreign tuition fees. With the Marriot card - What exactly do their points collected get you? Can it be converted to cash back? I should time this so that I only have the card for the first year it's free - I forex theoretically pay 3 installments of my foreign tuition on it paid in May, Dec, end of Aprilthen fee I think the Canadian version is different from the American, right?

I may have been credit at the american site, but I saw options to get a Marriott gift card, other card cards, etc. There's no other way to collect any forex cards, etc? I'd probably pay airfare in CAD and use a diff credit card.

Oh dear lordy, I am flooding your blog because I can't delete any previous blog entries. The sears card seems like the way to go. I didn't realize that with credit Cathay's Asia Miles, essentially, a return trip to Europe would be points.

I'm sure that would be do-able for me over a few credit. Also, how long does it take for the points conversions to be processed? Ah, so petro points can be used to book directly with i, or another travel method is converting to Asia miles, right?

You'll be pleased that I applied for a sears MasterCard! Hope to see you for dinner on Tuesday: Friday, 5 April credit cards without a 2. Posted by mytravelfund at Share to Twitter Share to Facebook Share to Pinterest. Anonymous 5 April at Jen fee April at Fee 5 April at Dysfunctional Doctor Card 7 April at Geoff 5 April at Newer Post Older Post Home. About Me mytravelfund i'm a something medical resident in canada. View my complete profile.

What's The Best Credit Card For International Travel? Credit Card Insider

What's The Best Credit Card For International Travel? Credit Card Insider no forex fee credit card

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