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Consumer Sentiment or Consumer Confidence measures the level of confidence households have in economic performance. Generally rising consumer confidence acts as a precursor to higher consumer expenditures which drive economic expansion.

The Rightmove index is based upon sellers' asking prices as posted on the Rightmove website. Actual figures are not available nor are they verified by a third party.

However, Rightmove claims that about 90 percent of all properties on sale are advertised on its website although this would seem to be an overestimate. It would appear that only properties which are new on the market in any given month are used in the calculation thereby ignoring price changes of properties already on the market. Rightmove claims to use the mix-adjustment standardisation method although little information is available on how this is applied.

The Rightmove index does not adjust the data to seasonal changes. Because of the way it uses asking price data, the Rightmove index could be the first to track changes in the property market. However, since the data is not very reliable, the index is not useful as an early trend indicator as monthly changes are too erratic. The difference between the total value of exports and the total value of imports. A positive figure indicates a trade surplus while a negative value represents a trade deficit.

Because Japan 's economy is highly export-led, trade data can give critical insight into developments in Japan 's economy and changes into foreign exchange rates. A surplus reflects capital flowing into Japan in exchange for Japanese exports, and a deficit means that capital is flowing out of Japan as imports are purchased in larger volumes by Japanese consumers.

A trade surplus will act as an appreciating weight on the Yen, whereas a trade deficit will place downward pressure on the Yen's value. Details in the Trade Balance report itself give useful insight into changing trends regarding Japanese trade. Such developments are especially important for the country, which is an export-oriented economy that has historically experienced large portal surpluses. Any affect on this could have dramatic affect on the domestic economy.

The headline figure for trade balance is expressed in millions of Yen and usually accompanied by a year-on-year percentage change figure. Tracks automobile sales in Australia. Though motor vehicle sales are a small component of the overall economy, expenditures of such "big-ticket" items give good insight into consumer's spending ability. Additionally, the figure gauges consumer confidence; consumers and businesses are only likely to make the outlays needed for motor vehicles if they are optimistic about their current and future economic well being.

Market impact tends to be greater when the report reveals a viewpoint that clashes with the ECB's stance. It contains relevant articles, speeches, statistical tables, and provides detailed analysis of current and future economic conditions from the bank's viewpoint. Tracks changes in housing prices in Australia's eight provincial capital cities: Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, Hobart, Darwin, and Canberra.

The headline number is the weighted average percentage change from the previous quarter. Like any price index, the housing price indexes measure inflationary pressures, in this case specifically from the portal sector.

The headline number is the quarterly percentage change in the index. Its aim is to ensure sustainable economic growth by putting in place portal necessary regulatory and economic policy conditions.

SECO Economic Forecasts are released quarterly and include expectations for GDP and its components such as: Measures changes in the selling prices producers charge for goods and services, and well as tracks how prices feed through the production process. Because producers tend to pass on higher costs to consumers as higher retail prices, the PPI is valuable as an early indicator of inflation.

Simply put, inflation reflects a decline in the purchasing power of the Dollar, where each dollar buys fewer goods and services. The report also gives insight into how higher prices from raw materials flow toward the final product. A rise in PPI signals an increase in inflationary pressures. Given the economic instability associated with rising price levels, the Fed often will raise interest rates to check inflation. A low or falling PPI is indicative of declining prices, and may suggest an economic slowdown.

The PPI records prices at various stages of production: Though intermediate and crude goods prices do provide insight for future inflationary pressure, it is the price of finished goods that generates most interest for market participants.

The finished goods data is able to gauge price pressure before the goods reach the retail market. The value of sales made by Canadian wholesalers. Wholesalers sell to industries and retailers in quantities far larger than most consumers are willing to purchase. Given that growth in Wholesale Trade usually precedes increases in retail trade and consumption, changes in Wholesale Sales can be used as an early indicator for the overall direction of the retail sector, consumption and the economy.

The headline figure reports the monthly percentage change in Wholesale Sales, seasonally adjusted to account for variations in demand due to seasonal cycles. These sectors are farm products, food, beverages, and tobacco products, personal and household goods, automotive products, building materials, machinery and electronic equipment etc. PT Sans Caption,Helvetica Neue,Helvetica,Arial,sans-serif; font-size: I use paid Forex signals I use free Forex signals No, I don't Vote Results Next poll Forexpedia Retirement vs.

What should parents save up for? Whether its for a trip, new home, or business, Dorsey The New Science of Technical Analysis by Thomas R. DeMark The Mathematics of Money Management by Ralph Vince The Book of Investing Wisdom by Peter Krass Technical analysis plain and simple by Michael N. Kahn Currency Overlay by Neil Record The Zurich Axioms by Max Gunther How to Read the Financial Pages by Michael Brett Japanese Charting Techniques by Steve Nison The Psychology of Electronic Trading: The Power to Trade by Brendon C.

Maximize Profits with Proven Technical Techniques second edition by Justine Gregory-Williams and Bill M. Applying Expert Techniques to Maximize Your Profits by Bill M. Williams How To Win The Stock Market Game by Vladimir Daragan The Essays of Warren Buffett: Lessons for Corporate America How to Make a Living Trading Foreign Exchange A Guaranteed Income for Life by Courtney Smith Japanese candlesticks by Gregory L.

Morris Technical Analysis, Study Guide by Jack D. Power Tools for Active Investors by Gerald Appel The Crisis of Global Capitalism by George Soros New Trading Dimensions: How to Profit from Chaos in Stocks, Bonds, and Commodities by Bill Williams Way of the Turtle: The Secret Methods that Turned Ordinary People into Legendary Traders by Curtis M. It is necessary to remember that trading on Broker is a risky process.

Traders should be highly trained portal reduce the risk of losses. Trading on Forex may bring good results and regular income. The point is to understand the market signals correctly. Please pay attention to the fact that the Forex. Data presented on the website may be inaccurate due to delay inpublication.

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New Home Sales Likely to have Risen in May U. Leading Broker Index Likely to have Risen in May U. Existing Home Sales Likely to have dropped in May Canada's Headline Inflation Likely to have slowed Forex in May Canada's Retail Sales Likely broker have dropped in April Americas Roundup: Dollar Index Dips Lower After U.

Economic Data, Fitch says Expects Narrowing Deficit and Recovery in Portugal's Fitch Affirms Russia's Kirov Region at 'bb-'; Outlook Stable. Symbol Bid Ask EURUSD 1. Westpac Consumer Sentiment Country: Rightmove House Prices Country: New Motor Vehicle Sales Country: Bundesbank Monthly Report Country: CB Leading Index Country: Monetary Policy Meeting Minutes Country: House Price Index Country: SECO Economic Forecasts Country: All analysts Kevin Hansen Olaf Rosenberg All analysts.

Therefore, the pair has already formed strong resistance at I use paid Forex signals I use free Forex signals No, I don't.

Broker and Figure Charting by Thomas J. The New Science of Technical Analysis forex Thomas R. The Mathematics of Money Management by Ralph Vince. The Book of Investing Wisdom by Peter Krass. Technical analysis plain and simple by Michael N. Currency Overlay by Neil Record.

The Zurich Axioms by Max Gunther. How to Read the Financial Pages by Michael Brett. Japanese Charting Techniques by Steve Nison. The Psychology of Electronic Trading: How To Win The Stock Market Game by Vladimir Daragan. The Essays of Warren Buffett: Lessons for Corporate America.

How to Make a Living Trading Foreign Exchange A Guaranteed Income for Life by Courtney Smith. Japanese candlesticks by Gregory L. Technical Analysis, Study Guide by Jack D.

Power Tools for Active Investors by Forex Appel. The Crisis of Global Capitalism by George Soros. How to Profit from Chaos in Stocks, Bonds, and Commodities by Bill Williams. Way of the Turtle: Beyond Candlesticks by Steve Nison. Technical Analysis of the Financial Markets by John J. The Alchemy of Finance by George Soros. Fibonacci Applications and Strategies for Traders by Robert Fischer.

Day Trading the Currency Market by Kathy Lien. Trading in the Global Currency Markets by Cornelius Luca. Cooperation Disclaimer About forex. Westpac Consumer Sentiment Westpac Consumer Sentiment.

Rightmove House Prices Rightmove House Prices. Trade Balance Trade Balance. New Motor Vehicle Sales New Motor Vehicle Sales. The figure is reported both as number of new automobile sales and as monthly percentage change.

Bundesbank Monthly Report Bundesbank Monthly Report. CB Leading Index CB Leading Index. Change in the level of a composite index based on 7 economic indicators. This index is designed to predict the direction of the economy, but it tends to have a muted impact because most of the indicators used in the calculation are released previously.

Combined reading of 7 economic indicators related to money supply, building approvals, profits, exports, inventories, and portal rate spreads. Monetary Policy Meeting Minutes Monetary Policy Meeting Minutes. The minutes of the Reserve Bank of Australia meetings are published two weeks after the interest rate decision.

The minutes give a forex account of the policy discussion, including differences of view. They also record the votes of the individual members of the Committee.

Generally speaking, if the RBA is hawkish about the inflationary outlook for the economy, then the markets see a higher possibility of a rate increase, and that is positive for the AUD.

House Price Index House Price Index. SECO Economic Forecasts SECO Economic Forecasts. The headline figure is expressed in percentage change of producer price. Wholesale Forex Wholesale Sales.

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