Durham university cultural strategy


durham university cultural strategy

Prior to completing his doctorate, he worked in strategic communications. He teaches courses university journalism history, strategic communication, and cultural satire. The face of strategy in Korea: Media ritual as framing in news coverage of Jasmine Lee.

Framing as Media Ritual: Gender, leadership, and crisis: Journal of Research on Women and Gender. Media ritual in catastrophic time: The populist turn in television coverage of Hurricane Katrina. Theory, Practice, and Criticism, 9 1: The last true believers: The Knoxville Journal in the late Civil Rights movement. The Journal of Communication Inquiry, 31 4: Framing the state within globalization: Durham Studies in Media Communication. The gulf between the president and the press.

Media tactics and taste: Organizing durham Southern labor movement at Highlander Folk School, Journal of the European Institute for Communication and Culture, vol. The Journal of Public Relations Researchvol. Anti-Communism, race, and structuration: Newspaper coverage of the labor and desegregation movements in the South, and Journalism and Mass Communication Monographsvol.

News Frames as Social Narratives: TWA FlightJournal of Communicationvol. History of a curriculum: The search for salience. Journalism Educatorvol.

Pragmatism university the Press university the New Orleans School Desegregation Crisis of A Case Study of The New Orleans Times-Picayune. A postmodern critique of framing. Perspectives cultural media and our understanding of the social world, Cultural meanings of news Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication. Service Recognition Award Association of Cultural of Journalism and Mass Communication, Public Relations Division.

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durham university cultural strategy

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