Aberration trading system keith fitschen


aberration trading system keith fitschen

What is the Aberration trading system? It is a mechanical trading system developed by Keith Fitschen in to trade a basket of commodities. The trading system profitably trades the eight different commodity groups: The Aberration trading system was commercially released in by Keith Fitschen.

The trading system has been rated as one of the top trading systems from the day it was released, and it is still widely used. Futures Truth has named it, "One of the Top Ten Trading Systems of All Time" four different times. This highly rated trading system has been very profitable for over twenty years. The Aberration trading system usually trades each commodity 3 or 4 times in a span of twelve months. It holds a position in the markets most of the time, about 60 percent keith of the year in each market.

This longer-term trading approach leads to larger profits in each trade and is intended to capture the major trending moves.

The Aberration trading system compensates for losses by trading a basket of uncorrelated markets. If one group system a loss, another group may offset the loss with a profit.

Over the course of one year, there are always commodities that yield a large profit. These large profits overcome the small losses of the other non-trending commodities. The performance of the system over a basket of commodities can be easily trading with the user-friendly software provided with the fully disclosed system.

The Aberration trading tries to capture the sweeping trends of each commodity. It works across all the commodity groups, but it works best with the groups that tend to trend the most: The Aberration strategy is suitable for various account sizes by using portfolios. The portfolios were developed across the various groups by aberration the lower risk commodities in each group and adding additional commodities in the group for the next larger sizes portfolio.

Performance is measured by generating equity curves and analyzing return and risk metrics such as profit per year and max drawdown per year.

The Aberration strategy is fully disclosed to traders who purchase the product. Knowing the basis behind a strategy helps a trader to stay with the trading when drawdown occurs. The strategy is implemented in user-friendly software that allows a fitschen to generate daily signals, back-test historical performance on individual commodities, and back-test the historical performance fitschen the various portfolios.

Why Trade The Aberration Trading System? John M Elliott has published 4 post. Article submitted on January 07, Day trading is one forex strategy that you might want to consider. However, it should be noted that this type of trading strategy can be more demanding and fast-paced than the usual forex system.

Different trader trust in different system to build profits. Understand how forex day trading system works and find out if trading match your trading type. This undeniable trading style will put you in position keith win - and win a lot! In this article we discuss the benefits of using a Forex trading course to dive into the currency markets. They are a vital source of education, especially for newcomers to system market.

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Enter your email address: Author Guidelines Article Writing Tips Why Submit Articles. Home Finance Articles Investing Articles Why Trade The Aberration Trading System? By John M Elliott on January 07, 0. John has done hard work to attain the required fitschen. He has been studied in detail all about the trading system from different resources so that the stuff he write is useful for those who read.

For More information please visit aberration trading system and best trading system. Add Comment Aberration Author Comments 0 Report Article. Forex Day Trading System - How To Get The Right One For You Day trading is one forex strategy that you might want to consider.

Forex Day Trading System - How Does It Works? Understand how forex day trading system works and find out if it match your trading type Written by: Forex Trading Course - The Only Method Of Starting To Trade The Markets In this article we discuss the benefits of using a Forex system course to dive into the currency markets.

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aberration trading system keith fitschen

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